As, Not For

Boston, MA, 2020
Boston University
Exhibition design, marketing

As, Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes curated by Jerome Harris is a survey of African American graphic designers that have long been neglected in classroom lectures and uncredited in the field. In recontextualizing the exhibition for Boston University, our goal was to increase accessibility by bringing the actual floorplan into the promotional poster, as well as providing both a virtual tour and lecture by Jerome as part of the School of Visual Art’s Tuesday Night Lecture Series.
rocess and reflective thoughts about the exhibition.

 I worked with a team of students (Jay Li, Gabbi Ferrari, Ashlie Dawkins, curator Jerome Harris, and Assistant Professor of Art Mary Yang to complete the exhibition process, including concept development, design, development, and installation. After the opening, the three students and I created a presentation for students, faculty, and others to learn about our process and reflective thoughts about the exhibition.

My role was Marketing, in which I remixed Harris’s existing design assets for Boston University. These functioned for social media as well as press releases, including Hyperallergic: A Survey of African American Graphic Designers Opens at Boston University Art Galleries.

Social Marketing Assets

Historical Highlights social posts

Hyperallergic Graphic

Poster in collaboration with Mary Yang

Left to right: Gabbi Ferrari, Ashlie Dawkins, Jay Li, Angela Lian, Mary Yang

Photography by Tony Luong