Back & Forth

Radical Characters Exhibition

What does it mean to feel comfortable and empowered in my Asian American identity?

Back & Forth is a garment and video based on the duality between Chinese scholar, writer, and designer Lu Xun and I. Lu Xun legitimized modern Chinese design by welcoming Western influences into the New Literature and Design Movement. He also encouraged young supporters to study traditional art and remain sensitive to their culture. I see parallels in the way I'm interested in understanding my cultural identity after being exposed to Western influences my whole life. My Radical Return means to confront my influences and create new avenues of expression. The voice of my mother that has been ingrained in me recites Lu Xun’s quotes as a way to juxtapose and insert myself into a past historical context. The result is a contemplation of my identity that confronts three individuals: Lu Xun, my mom, and myself.