Collect Release


Collect Release in its simplest form is an energy transfer. A rug collects dust when one steps on it, especially welcome rugs people step on before going inside their home. Although the collection is physical, the rug also represents a mental release, acting as a threshold between external and internal. This act of passing the threshold from both directions can also be interpreted as an accumulation of experiences and contexts which differ each time it is passed.

Collect Release juxtaposes these changing contexts to depict the energy transfer I experience in my creative process. In my practice, the work I release is a sum or collection of my experiences, where I go and what I do. I utilized non-linearity to show that this process doesn’t have any definite direction despite it seeming calculated. Collection and release is a process that exists in everything. I wanted to depict this quality of omnipresence through the creation and existence of this rug.