Angela is a Chinese Taiwanese American graphic designer and performance artist from New Milford, Connecticut. She applies a playful, but informed practice to her work in branding and web/print design. Her personal practice revolves around video art and textile art to portray movement as identity.

Available for freelance!

I am a maker and a mover that loves to play.
I feel most free when dancing in uncontained spaces.
This is a feeling I like to wear when creativity strikes.
Like a flower, I can adapt, grow, and bloom in many spaces,
both real and imaginary.
I’m inspired to do this through a practice that is sensitive,
playful, and amorphous.
Where can I share my sun?


Clients and Collaborators

Dell Technologies Capital
NextView Ventures
nosubject Press
Design Axl
Open Rehearsal
Made In Podcast
The 98 Art Collective
Lorenzo Mason Studio

PILOT Magazine

Boston University’s Office of Admissions
Ameico, Inc
Boston University Hillel Society


︎ Hyperallergic
︎ AIGA Eye On Design
︎ Type 01
︎ General Subject
︎ The 98
︎ The Daily Free Press


Freelance Graphic Designer, Lauren Grey Studio
Jan ‘22 – Present

Freelance Graphic Designer, The 98 Art Collective
Oct ‘21 – Present

Freelance Graphic Designer, Design Axl
Jul ‘21 – Present

Graphic Design Intern, Lorenzo Mason Studio
Jun ‘21 – Jul ‘21 | Venice, Italy

As, Not For, Boston University Directed Study: Designer, Social Media and Marketing
Sep ‘20 – Nov ‘20 | Boston, MA

Publication Editor for Pilot Magazine
June ‘20 – June ‘21

Art Direction for Off the Cuff Magazine
Feb ‘20 – May ‘21 | Boston, MA

Marketing Intern for Boston University Office of Admissions
Sep ‘17 – May ‘21 | Boston, MA

Forge Labs Cohort Intern
June ‘20 – Aug ‘20 | Boston, MA


Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts
Sep ‘17 – May ‘21 | Boston, MA


Draw Down Book Award


Technical Proficiency
After Effects
Premiere Pro
Basic HTML

Personal Skills
Time Management
Creative problem-solving
Strong work ethic

Rug Tufting
Social Media Marketing

Documentation Archive



10.3.21    BAD SAD AND MAD by BIBI
10.2.21    That XX - Spotify Sessions by Audrey Nuna
10.1.21    Beating by Tirzah
9.31.21    Blossom by Audrey Nuna
9.30.21    Adventures of Tricky N Duke by Miso Extra
9.29.21    A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder by Johann Johannsson
9.28.21    Dive by Luli Lee
9.27.21    I Feel Your Love by Luli Lee
9.26.21    Pot of Gold by Felly
9.25.21    Postcard From Tokyo by Puma Blue
9.24.21    No New World by MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS
9.23.21    At Your Best (You Are Love) by Aaliyah
9.22.21    In The Dark by Swae Lee, Jhene Aiko
9.21.21    I Think I’m In Love by Cool Company
9.20.21    Kind Of Freak by Cool Company
9.19.21    Hush - Still Woozy Remix by The Marias
9.18.21    Blessing by Cool Company
9.17.21    Cold Morning Light - 2015 Remaster by Todd Rundgren
9.16.21    Painted Paradise by Jiro Inagaki and His Soul Media
9.15.21    Moon by Kanye West
9.14.21    apathy by Gia Margaret
9.13.21    Just When You Need Yourself Most by Oberhofer
9.12.21    byyyte by Spencer.
9.11.21        Claymore by Isaiah Rashad, Smino
9.10.21    family ties by Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar
9.9.21        Repeat After Me (Interlude) by The Weeknd
9.8.21        Ivory by Gotts Street Park
9.7.21        One by Cleo Soul
9.6.21        The Wilhelm Scream - Quarantine Sessions by Tom Misch
9.5.21        Her Light by Cleo Soul
9.4.21        In Deeper by Tora
9.3.21        A Girl Like You by Aaliyah, Treach
9.2.21        Chaps by Chris Hyson
9.1.21        On Love by David T. Walker
8.31.21    Tudo De Voce by Marcos Valle
8.30.21    Too Much Sunshine - Remastered by CHS
8.29.21    Hurricane by Kanye West
8.28.21    Show Me by Feng Suave
8.27.21    Beluga by Men I Trust
8.26.21    Sugar by Men I Trust
8.25.21    All I Need by Puma Blue
8.24.21    Simoon by Shinichiro Yokota
8.23.21    clover by Matt Burton
8.22.21    We Need You by Cleo Sol
8.21.21    The Voice of Q - 12” Mix by Q
8.20.21    Heart Full of Love by Cleo Sol
8.19.21    Quiet on Set by Remi Wolf
8.18.21    Shuh Shuh by ((( O )))
8.17.21    I Know I Know I Know by HOMESHAKE
8.16.21    Nature’s Joint by ((( O )))
8.15.21    Wait by Nao
8.14.21    Empire Ants by Gorillaz, Little Dragon
8.13.21    Woopie by Still Woozy
8.12.21    Pienso En Ti by levitation room
8.11.21        Miss That Feelin’ by Lounge FM, Malcolm-Jay.
8.10.21    Is You Want by Reptaliens
8.9.21        A Day In The Life by The Beatles
8.8.21        A Kind of Magic by Queen
8.7.21        Warm You by Matty, Mandaworld
8.6.21        Sitting On A Satellite by Soccer96, Salami Rose Joe Louis
8.5.21        Shadowshow by Jerkcurb
8.4.21        Drugzzz by Lounge FM
8.3.21        in ur arms by Ben Beal, SwuM
8.2.21        A Cat by Devendra Banhart
8.1.21        Someone to Hold You by Jelani Aryeh
7.31.21    OverHeated by Billie Eilish
7.30.21    Nobody’s Fault by Benny Sings, Tom Misch
7.29.21    Let Me Follow by Son Lux
7.28.21    Unbind (Black Taffy Rework) by Son Lux, Black Taffy
7.27.21    Lotus by JANA
7.26.21    Pack Yr Romantic Mind by Stereolab
Joe Louis
7.25.21    Outdoors - Salami Rose Joe Louis Rework by SALOMEA, Salami Rose
7.24.21    Say What You Will by James Blake
7.23.21    Alone With You by Alina Baraz
7.22.21    Stoned At A Hair Salon by Lorde
7.21.21    Liquor Store by Remi Wolf
7.20.21    Grimy Weifu by JPEGMAFIA
7.19.21    ARE YOU WITH THAT? by Vince Staples
7.18.21    Gone by Son Lux, Kimbra
7.17.21    Blade by Sango, Waldo, Jay Anthony
7.16.21    Bambi by Clairo
7.15.21    I Think I Love You Again by Aaron Taylor
7.14.21    Kill Your Local Indie Softboy by Izzy Camina
7.13.21    Didn’t Cha Know by Erykah Badu
7.11.21        Karma by Sarah Kinsley
7.10.21    The King by Sarah Kinsley
7.9.21        Ain’t Shit by Doja Cat
7.8.21        Helmut by Cities Aviv
7.7.21        Polka Dots and Moonbeams by Wes Montgomery
7.6.21        PlanetSlsh by The Deli
7.5.21        My Offwhite Flag by Dirty Projectors
7.4.21        Imagine by Common, PJ
7.3.21        Take me away by Funk Shui Project, Virginia Paone
7.2.21        Vacuum by HOMESHAKE
7.1.21        Bon Vivant by Popa   
6.31.21    CRISIS by Sam Ezeh
6.30.21    Long Road Home by Oneohtrix Point Never
6.29.21    Funny by Benet, Childish Major
6.28.21    Back Seat (Wit No Sheets) by H-Town
6.27.21    Wallet Keys Phone by Oscar Key Sung
6.26.21    Fantasmas by Ambar Lucid
6.25.21    SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE by Tyler, The Creator
6.24.21    If It Don’t Work by Carter Ace
6.23.21    CITY GIRL POEM by Twilight Prince, Nicholas Britell
6.22.21    That’s Life by Still Woozy
6.21.21    My Own by H.E.R.
6.20.21    Drugs N Hella Melodies by Don Toliver, Kali Uchis
6.19.21    Pressure by Triathalon
6.18.21    New Light by Deem Spencer
6.17.21    NIL BY MOUTH by Dean Blunt
6.16.21    Bliss by Ukiyo
6.15.21    Ferris Wheel by Jerry Folk, Alva Ravn, FENGSEL
6.14.21    Blouse by Clairo
6.13.21    We Made It by H.E.R.
6.12.21    New Lane by TEMPOREX
6.11.21        White Walls by Goldlink
6.10.21    telepatia // acoustic by Kali Uchis
6.9.21        Surf & Turf by Boldy James, The Alchemist, Vince Staples
6.8.21        Somewhere Not Here by Alpha
6.7.21        It Won’t Get Ya by Q
6.6.21        Say Yes by TOKiMONSTA, VanJess
6.5.21        Un Millon by The Marias
6.4.21        Liz by Remi Wolf
6.3.21        Green Eyes by Rhye
6.2.21        Deep Down - Blood Orange Remix by Paul McMartney, Blood Orange
6.1.21        Melancholia II by William Basinski
5.31.21    out in carwoola by Nora’s Bin
5.30.21    Three Days by Chartreuse
Glass, Philip Glass Ensemble, Michael Riesman
5.29.21    Floe (Remix) - Specially Mixed For Your Personal Cassette by Philip
5.28.21    Molasses by Hiatus Kaiyote
5.27.21    Cassette Beat - Puma Blue Remix by Babeheaven
5.26.21    Limbo by Joesef
5.25.21    Moon by Amaria
5.24.21    Drugs by Biig Piig
5.23.21    August (Acoustic) by Flipturn
5.22.21    Rice & Gravy by Smino, Monte Booker
5.21.21    Camry (Outro) by Dre’es
5.20.21    honey baby (SPOILED!) by Kali Uchis
5.19.21    Shine by Cleo Sol
5.18.21    Let It Happen by Jon Bap
5.17.21    Les Be Honest by Connan Mockasin
5.16.21    Oil Slick - A Late Night Special by Puma Blue
5.15.21    Midnight Movie by Shi Shi
5.14.21    Sweet Dreams - A Late Night Special by Puma Blue
5.13.21    Tomb For Rockets by Feng Suave
5.12.21    Blues de l’antenne
5.11.21        #3 by Apex Twin
5.10.21    Sable by L’Or du Commun, Lous and the Yakuza
5.9.21        Them by Nils Frahm
5.8.21        Mad Rush by Philip Glass, Lisa Moore
5.7.21        Early by Joy Crookes, Jafaris
5.6.21        Cherry Plum by Astronauts, etc.
5.5.21        Long Way by Rexx Life Raj
5.4.21        In The Morning by Jay Prince
5.3.21        Melt by Nilüfer Yanya
5.2.21        Your Power by Billie Eilish
5.1.21        Quick - KMB Remix by Duckwrth, KIAN
4.30.21    Kenny by Still Woozy
4.29.21    Cherries by Hope Tala, Anime
4.28.21    Sourire by bad tuner
4.27.21    wys? by AYLO, Santi
4.26.21    Dearest Alfred (MyJoy) by Khruangbin, Knxwledge
4.25.21    Wildfires by SAULT
4.24.21    Gone by Jorja Smith
4.23.21    Outside by Kota the Friend
4.22.21    Text Me Twice by Casper the Ghost, Bobbie Johnson
4.21.21    Dreamboat by Joviale
4.20.21    Come Down by Crave Moore
4.19.21    Decisions by Taylor McFerrin, Emily King
4.18.21    So Cool by Reuben James
4.17.21    Tonight I’m Drowning by Ego Ella May
4.16.21    Send Me by Tirzah
4.15.21    Quasi quasi by Domenique Dumont
4.14.21    Softly - Washed Out Remix by Rhye
4.13.21    Red by Noya Rao
4.12.21    Afro Blue by Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu
4.11.21        Kids by KYLE, Benny Sings
4.9.21        People On Sunday by Domenique Dumont
4.8.21        GREETINGS TO IDRIS by Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes
4.7.21        Get Sun by Hiatus Kaiyote, Arthur Verocai
4.6.21        la luna enamorada by Kali Uchis
4.5.21        outro by Chill Chicos, interrogación amor
4.4.21        Mufasa by ARON, iseekarlo, MYGAL
4.3.21        Miroir by Ichon
4.2.21        Friends by Kiefer
4.1.21        CELINE by Amaarae, Kyu Steed, 6
3.31.21    Ca sert by Nemir
3.30.21    Chica by Nemir
3.29.21    Push to Start by Ariel & The Culture,    Pretty Boy Aaron, Bruhnice, Kalid
3.28.21    Took Me Out by Marcela Avelina
3.27.21    TRUST FUND BABY by Amaarae
3.26.21    Relax by Rejjie Snow, Cam O’bi, grouptherapy.
3.25.21    Agape by Nicholas Britell
3.24.21    September Song by Agnes Obel
3.23.21    Virgil by Tennyson
3.22.21    An End, A Beginning by Dustin O’Halloran
3.21.21    Oil Slick - A Late Night Special by Puma Blue
3.20.21    Glass by Hania Rani
3.19.21    Borderland Sorrows by Slow Meadow
3.18.21    Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie, Philippe Entremont
3.17.21    Tearz by El Michels Affair, Lee Fields, The Shacks
3.16.21    Heart of Grass by Silk Rhodes
3.15.21    shiny by BETWEEN FRIENDS
3.14.21    Blue State - Puma Blue Re-Edit by Chartreuse, Puma Blue
3.13.21    Trophy by Crumb
3.12.21    Streets by Doja Cat
3.11.21        Sofia Coppola by Eyedress
3.10.21    I Love You by East of Underground
3.9.21        L’aventura by Muddy Monk
3.8.21        KELTEC! By JPEGMAFIA
3.7.21        Hope You’re Doin Better by Mndsgn
Steve Lacey
3.6.21        Whisper (Want My Luv) by Patrick Paige II, Durand Bernarr, Allen Love,
3.5.21        Tongue Tied by Verzache
3.4.21        Rimmel by Francesco De Gregori
3.3.21        Vanilla Baby by Billie Marten
3.2.21        Talamak by Toro Y Moi
3.1.21        TROLL by Dean Blunt, Joanne Robertson, Vegyn
2.28.21    Slim Jawn by Felly, Gyyps
2.27.21    February 18, 2021: Perseverance - Mars Landing by Sleeping At Last
2.26.21    Je ne sais pas by Lous and the Yakuza, Sfera Ebbasta, Shablo
2.25.21    Yellow Dust by Miink
2.24.21    Got Me All Wrong by Linden Jay
2.23.21    For Now by Zsela
2.22.21    Themes by Mac Whetha, Puma Blue
2.21.21    Ode to Mamma by Mac Whetha, Biig Piig
2.20.21    Videogames by Matty
2.19.21    Camille by Ana Roxanne
2.18.21    Falling by LEISURE
2.17.21    Mother Nature’s Bitch by Okay Kaya
2.16.21    Patagoinia by Jelani Aryeh
2.15.21    Earl Grey by Jelani Aryeh
2.14.21    Pressure by Photay
2.13.21    Omw by ((( O ))), FKJ
2.12.21    Meme Langue by Bearcubs, MUNYA
2.11.21        Not In Love by Dune, Crayon
2.10.21    Ponta de Areia by Wayne Shorter
2.9.21        Valentina by Serena Isioma
2.8.21        BITE by Baird
2.7.21        All of a Sudden by Laraaji
2.6.21        Tweety by Raveena
2.5.21        Sweet Dreams by Puma Blue
2.4.21        Wildflower by Beach House
2.3.21        Baby Power by Jenevieve
2.2.21        Blue Print by B-ahwe, LAUSEE THE CAT
2.1.21        Thames Water by Archy Marshall, King Krule
1.31.21    Eden (Harlem) by Nicholas Britell
1.30.21    Hopprock by Madlib
1.29.21    Baby Blue - lo fi lounge by Arlo Parks   
1.28.21    Ways by RICEWINE
1.27.21    Awake by Rhye
1.26.21    Safeword by Rhye
1.25.21    Estate by Bruno Martino
1.24.21    Pink Purple Blues by Hether
1.23.21    Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
1.22.21    Road of the Lonely Ones by Madlib
1.21.21    Clara by Makai
1.20.21    Nothing At All by Matilda Mann, Lucy Lu
1.19.21    Part of Me by Healy
1.18.21    Purplepink by Kalbells
1.17.21    Everything’s Fine by Healy
1.16.21    Only U by the booyah kids!
1.15.21    The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake
1.14.21    When U Loved Me (acoustic)    by Hether
1.13.21    Obsesion by Aventura, Judy Santos
1.12.21    (04:30) Idler / Sleep by Jamie Isaac
1.11.21        December 21, 2020: The Great Conjunction by Sleeping At Last
1.10.21    Shy by Hether
1.9.21        Nude by Radiohead
1.8.21        Porcelain by Red Hot Chili Peppers
1.7.21        Stuck On You by Giveon
1.6.21        Pink Purple Blues by Hether
1.5.21        Traingazing by Sam Wills, Honey Mooncie
1.4.21        Down the Line by Remi Wolf
1.3.21        Chandelier by Will Paquin
1.2.21        Themes by Mac Wetha, Puma Blue
1.1.21        Sweet Nothings by Roc Marciano


12.31.20    Cig Angel by Galcher Lustwerk
12.30.20    Cotton Candy by spill tab
12.29.20    Calvaire by spill tab
12.28.20    Sun After Rain by Jitwam, Folamour
12.27.20    Going Thru by Christian Alexander
12.26.20    Silk Print by Puma Blue
12.25.20    Helmet by Noah Salem, Melody Rose Murray
12.24.20    Trip to Dusseldorf by Salmon Cat
12.23.20    Brick by Mk.gee target="_blank">Mk.gee target="_blank">Mk.gee target="_blank">Mk.gee target="_blank">Mk.gee
12.22.20    Verite by Claire Luffet
12.21.20    CASH MANIAC by Denzel Curry, Nyyjerya
12.20.20    Drown by Mk.gee
12.19.20    Maybe Not by Souly Had, Mac Ayers
12.18.20    Garage Rooftop by Q
12.17.20    Misty by Zander Jazz Trio
12.16.20    New Year by Mk.gee
12.15.20    Godspeed by James Blake
12.14.20    Grateful (Thankful) by Meltycanon
12.13.20    Let Go - Acoustic by Ark Patrol, Veronika Redd
12.12.20    I Need You by Salami Rose Joe Louis
12.11.20    Monte Carlo by Remi Wolf
12.10.20    Solo Tu - 1996 Digital Remaster by Matia Bazar
12.9.20    You and I by Papooz
12.8.20    Come Down When You’re Ready by TENDER
12.7.20    We’re Dumb by Salami Rose Joe Louis
12.6.20    Uuuu by Steve Lacey
12.5.20    Barely Friends by DRAMA
12.4.20    It’s Always You - Vocal Version by Chet Faker
12.3.20    Panic Emoji by JPEGMAFIA   
12.2.20    Kill You by Roc Marciano
Yesterday’s New Quintet
12.1.20    Medley: Don’t You Worry About A Thing (Live at Spear for Moondog) by
11.30.20    327 by Westside Gunn, Joey Bada$$, Tyler The Creator
11.29.20    The Modern Age by The Strokes
11.28.20    Orbit by Sebastian Roca
11.27.20    Sinner by Galimatias
11.26.20    Nothing Even Matters by Ms. Lauren Hill, D’Angelo
11.25.20    Romantic Garbage by Arlo Parks
11.24.20    Jade by Lolo Zouai, Blood Orange
11.23.20    Climax by Slum Village
11.22.20    Impala by O2Worldwide
11.21.20    Shy Dancer by Galamatias
11.20.20    Peppers and Onions by Tierra Whack
11.19.20    Out for the Night - Live by The Marias
11.18.20    Need Your Love by Tennis
11.17.20    Opiate by Puma Blue
11.16.20    Naive by The xx
11.15.20    I Will (Remastered 2009) by The Beatles
11.14.20    Tezeta by Mulatu Astatke
11.13.20    Hasta Luego by JID
11.12.20    DARE by Gorillaz
11.11.20    Lover Man by Bill Evans, Jeremy Steig
11.10.20    Eye Catcher by 18YOMAN
11.9.20        These Foolish Things by Chet Faker
11.8.20        Bizarre Love Triangle - Extended by New Order
11.7.20        Aries by Gorillaz, Peter Hook, Georgia
11.6.20        Napster by Jean Dawson
11.5.20        The touch of your lips by Chet Faker
11.4.20        Perdido de Amor (Lost in Love) by Luiz Bonfa
11.3.20        La Legende Du Pays Des Oiseaux by Blossom Dearie, The Blue Stars
11.2.20        Baby, You’re My Kind by Blossom Dearie, Pete Morgan
11.1.20        Lua by Jacob Collier, MARO
10.31.20    Moon River by Jacob Collier
10.30.20    34+35 by Ariana Grande
10.29.20    delicate by Jonah Yano
10.28.20    Before by Bibio
10.27.20    Diamonds by Danger Incorporated
10.26.20    Photo ID by Remi Wolf
10.25.20    Sangria by Easy Life, Arlo Parks
10.24.20    Opal by Nosaj Thing
10.23.20    Mountain by Nosaj Thing
10.22.20    Dallas by Kid Sistr
10.21.20    Little Sinews by Rubber, Kyle Sparkman
10.20.20    Fucked Me Up by Clarence James
10.19.20    He Loves Me by Brittany Howard
10.18.20    Goat Head by Brittany Howard
10.17.20    Courant d’air by Lous and the Yakuza
10.16.20    Snowflower by Puma Blue
10.15.20    All Over You by LEISURE
10.14.20    Isn’t It So Convenient by Mk.gee
10.13.20    Elephant by Cottonwood Firing Squad
10.12.20    Late in Love by Souly Had
10.11.20    Roslyn by Bon Iver, St. Vincent
10.10.20    Take Me Where Your Heart Is by Q
10.9.20    Someone To Watch Over Me by Blossom Dearie
10.8.20    Widdit by Lava La Rue
10.7.20    Your Dog by Soccer Mommy
10.6.20    Love Boat by Bugo
10.5.20    Heart-Shaped Box by Amber Mark
10.4.20    Godspeed by Frank Ocean
10.3.20    How Was Your Day? By beabadobee
10.2.20    Wonder by Billy Lemos, Still Woozy, MTMBO
10.1.20    Six AM by Inner Wave
9.31.20    you by SuperParka
9.30.20    Shirtless by Knox Fortune
9.29.20    Purple Skies by Kornel Kovacs
9.28.20    Downers by Greentea Peng
9.27.20    Young Love by Cleo Sol
9.26.20    Today by Lucas Titus, Ravyn Lenae
9.25.20    Obatala by Meta Meta
9.24.20    Invitation by TAKAO UEMATSU
9.23.20    Untitled New- Live by Puma Blue
9.22.20    Pantalon by Kornel Kovacs
9.21.20    Tezeta (Nostalgia) by Mulatu Astatke
9.20.20    Tezeta (Nostalgia) by Mulatu Astatke
9.19.20    Le remede by Luidji
9.18.20    Velvet Leaves by Puma Blue
9.17.20    COOL by Swarvy
9.16.20    Call Me by Nancy Sinatra
9.15.20    ON THE RUN by Zaia
9.14.20    Red Balloon by The Internet
9.13.20    90 Degrees by Yazmin Lacey
9.12.20    Nena - A COLORS SHOW by YENDRY
9.11.20        Homewards by Mndsgn
9.10.20    Smile by Sampology
9.9.20        You Hid (Instrumental) by Toro y Moi
9.8.20        Wet by Bibi Bourelly
9.7.20        Altruism by Oscar Key Sung
9.6.20        Loveleen by Rejjie Snow (old love)
9.5.20        Medicine by Gus Dapperton
9.4.20        Soul Alphabet by Colleen
9.3.20        BOA by Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes
9.2.20        theme by Reaper
9.1.20        VERTIGO by Reaper
8.31.20    All These Dreams by Ryan Hemsworth
8.30.20    UNTITLED by The Pheels, Deen Spencer
8.29.20    Rainzow by STRFKR
8.28.20    Sophie by Arlo Parks
8.27.20    Paperbacks by Arlo Parks
8.26.20    Summertime by Charlotte Day Wilson
8.25.20    SULA (Paperback) by Jamilia Woods
8.24.20    Feels Like We’re Dying by Johnny Goth
8.23.20    Temptation by Raveena
8.22.20    La Lune by Billie Marten
8.21.20    Laisse moi by Lous and the Yakuza, Hamza
8.20.20    Price Went Up by Cassowary
8.19.20    Chinatown (Alt) by Barrie
8.18.20    No Quit by Michael Nau
8.17.20    Fif Dim by Mndsgn
8.16.20    Butterfly’s Repose by Zabawa
8.15.20    Met a Girl by Tarune
8.14.20    Slow by Jerry Folk
8.13.20    Doubt by Charlotte Day Wilson
8.12.20    Body by Spuuk
8.11.20        Greycedes by Jessica Pratt
8.10.20    Tangerine by Glass Animals
8.9.20        Saks Fifth by Roc Marciano
8.8.20        Way For Me by Baauer, Tirzah
8.7.20        Saks Fifth by Roc Marciano
8.6.20        Gladly by Tirzah
8.5.20        Enumerating by GODTET
8.4.20        cz by Mk. gee
8.3.20        Western by Mk.gee
8.2.20        Walkie Talkie by Brijean
8.1.20        Moody by Brijean
7.31.20    Joe Blazey by Dominic Fike
7.30.20    Midnite Blue by Laura Nyro
7.29.20    Someone Loves You by Laura Nyro
7.28.20    LIKE I WANT YOU by Giveon
7.27.20    He Won’t Hold You by Jacob Collier, Rapsody
7.26.20    La guerra di Piero by Fabrizio di Andre
7.25.20    Inside Friend by Leon Bridges, John Mayer
7.24.20    Second Wind by Healy
7.23.20    Shade by IAMDDB
7.22.20    Politics and Violence by Dominic Fike
7.21.20    Falling Asleep by Dominic Fike
7.20.20    1 Up by Kllo
7.19.20    Always by Billy Lemos, Monsune
7.18.20    Redeye by Galimatias
7.17.20    WOMAN by Rae Khalil
7.16.20    Cadillac Drive by Pink $weats, Raedio, Price
7.15.20    MARIA by Rae Khalil
7.14.20    Shoulder by Raavi & the Houseplants
7.13.20    Beige by Arin Ray, Terrace Martin, Elena Pinderhughes
7.12.20    Home at Last from HOMESHAKE
7.11.20        Disco Man by Remi Wolf
7.10.20    Solo by Lous and the Yakuza
7.9.20        Pop Therapy by Video Age
7.8.20        Post Humorous by Gus Dapperton
7.7.20        Hold It Down by Spencer.
7.6.20        TESSELLATE by BAYNK, Tei Shi
7.5.20        Maybe by Spencer.
7.4.20        Hypnosis by Jay Squared
7.3.20        Tout est gore by Lous and the Yakuza
7.2.20        Bon acteur by Lous and the Yakuza
7.1.20        It’s So Peaceful In The Country by Mildred Bailey
6.30.20    P.S. I Love You by Billie Holiday
6.29.20    whynot by Knxwledge
6.28.20    Untitled 2 (Demo) by Triathalon
6.27.20    Chicken Tenders by Dominic Fike
6.26.20    treatherright by Knxwledge
6.25.20    So Bad by Dune, Crayon
6.24.20    dreamin’ by 53 Thieves
6.23.20    Decibels by Jidenna
6.22.20    Yours by Leven Kali
6.21.20    Nada by Senor Kino
6.20.20    Rosalie (CH.II) by Lewis Del Mar
6.19.20    Gimme Love - Channel Tres Remix by Joji, Channel Tres
6.18.20    Lockdown by Anderson .Paak
6.17.20    Tu by maye
6.16.20    Alone by MISO
6.15.20    Ojala by Silvio Rodriguez
6.14.20    Dogma by BIBIO
6.13.20    Ok Love You Bye by Olivia Dean
6.12.20    The Love That I’m Giving by Iman Omari, Raedio, Kent Jamz
6.11.20        Softer by Slow Hollows
6.10.20    Another Time by NxWorries, Anderson .Paak, Knxwledge
6.9.20        Lyla by Big Red Machine
6.8.20        Solo con me (ft. Johnny Marsiglia) by Funk Shui Project
6.7.20        Punto a capo by Sorso, Shifta
6.6.20        Westin (Tiny Room Session) by Lido, J’von, Greg Spero
6.5.20        Nothing by Bruno Major
6.4.20        Why Why Why Why Why by SAULT
6.3.20        Masterpiece by SAULT
6.2.20        The Last by Kweku Collins
6.1.20        ALLSTAR by Rae Khali, The Free Nationals
5.31.20    Glitter by Ta-ku
5.30.20    Tell You Something by Sports
5.29.20    Black Vivaldi Sonata by Sudan Archives
5.28.20    BOY by Victor Internet
5.27.20    Issues/Hold On by Teyana Taylor
5.26.20    BRB by Mahalia
5.25.20    Crazy For You by Best Coast
5.24.20    Going on a Chill Walk by Fantasy Guys
5.23.20    Cheesin’ by Cautious Clay, Remi Wolf, sophie meiers
5.22.20    DD Form 214 by JPEGMAFIA
5.21.20    Cue 8 by Madlib
5.20.20    Spectacle of a Ritual by Kali Malone
5.19.20    Conception by Bill Evans
5.18.20    Today by Jefferson Airplane
5.17.20    Until Morning by James Vickery
5.16.20    Peace by Black & Blues
5.15.20    Headlights by James Vincent McMorrow
5.14.20    Beginner’s Luck by Maribou State
5.13.20    1998 by Monsune
5.12.20    DAY AFTER THE RAIN by Leven Kali
5.11.20        Nothing In Return by Monsune
5.10.20    If I Stay by Obie Blu
5.9.20        Arizona by Corn On My Dinner Plate
5.8.20        R.O.B.Y.N. by Luke De-Sciscio
5.7.20        Pressure by Grenda
5.6.20        Sentient by The Sei
5.5.20        Sudden Death by Quelle Chris, Chris Keys
5.4.20        Metroma by The Sei
5.3.20        Desires by Drake, Future
5.2.20        The Mother Lode
5.1.20        The Most Beautiful Thing by Bruno Major
4.29.20    My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco
4.28.20    Rewind by Ravyn Lenae, Raedio
4.27.20    Mother by UMI
4.26.20    Chittlins and Pepsi by MAch-Hommy
4.25.20    I’m Every Sparkly Woman by Ana Roxanne
4.24.20    You’re Too Precious by James Blake
4.23.20    Volta e Meia by Shintaro Sakamoto, Devendra Banhart, O Terno
4.22.20    It’s Okay to Dream by Mellow Fellow, Ruru
4.21.20    Boy With The Sun Song by Lucy Lu
4.20.20    Dear April (Side A - Acoustic) by Frank Ocean
4.19.20    Troupeau bleu by Cortex
4.18.20    Young and Beautiful by Glass Animals
4.17.20    Window by Still Woozy
4.16.20    WHAT WE DREW by Yaeji
4.15.20    Pains by Silk Rhodes
4.14.20    Space is the Place by Sun Ra
4.13.20    I Wish by ewonee
4.12.20    Pains by Silk Rhodes
4.11.20        Flipper by Pasteboard
4.10.20    The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes
4.9.20        I’ll Make Love to You by Thomas Doherty
4.8.20        New Windsor by Hans.
4.7.20        lyfe tajm by ako
4.6.20        Audio Pono by Feed Me Jack
4.5.20        Your Teeth by Peach Pit
4.4.20        Houthi by billy woods, Kenny Segal
4.3.20        Dear April (Side A - Acoustic) by Frank Ocean
4.2.20        Brother by FKJ
4.1.20        EechDai by Knxwledge
3.31.20    Where You Belong by Little Dragon
3.30.20    sundown by mt. fugitive
3.29.20    theykome&go by Knxwledge
3.28.20    Y U Gotta B Like That by Audry Mika, KYLE
3.27.20    I Been Remix by Ari Lennox, Smino
3.26.20    Wanna Hold You by Quirinello, London O’Connor
3.24.20    12.38 by Childish Gambino
3.23.20    Eleven by Kojey Radical
3.22.20    Emotions by Q
3.21.20    I Told You by BOYO
3.20.20    Jupiter by The Marias
3.19.20    Love Is… by Common
3.18.20    Lavender by Q
3.17.20    I Just Need An Early Night by Nix Northwest
3.16.20    Life’s A Bitch by Nix Northwest
3.15.20    Trihte by Kimberley Tell
3.14.20    Melody by Medasin
3.13.20    Lightning by Orion Sun
3.12.20    Broke by Ari Lennox, JID
3.11.20        Places and Spaces by Donald Byrd
3.10.20    Manila by Maribou State
3.9.20        Right Side of My Neck by Faye Webster
3.8.20        Lock N Key by 99 Neighbors
3.7.20        Four Women by Nina Simone
3.6.20        Chilombo by Jhene Aiko (album)
3.5.20        I Gotta Find Peace of Mind - Live by Ms. Lauryn Hill
3.4.20        It’s What I Do by Jacob Beck
3.3.20        Film Credits by Club Kuru
3.2.20        Gazing by Winona Forever
3.1.20        Surface by Etta Bond, A2
2.29.20    IDGAF by Sam Evian
2.28.20    Halos by Cool Company
2.27.20    Nerve For The Ages by Yves Jarvis
2.26.20    Factor In by Kevein Garrett
2.25.20    Heera by Peter Cat Recording Co.
2.24.20    Frisson by Harvey Causon
2.23.20    Bald! By JPEGMAFIA
2.22.20    Murphy’s Hand - Extended Version by Harvey Causon, Gabriel Gifford
2.21.20    Nomoah by Indigo De Souza
Brandee Younger
2.20.20    Mantra by Makaya McCraven, Joel Ross, Dezron Douglas, Tomeka Reid,
2.19.20    Shit I’m Dreaming by Peter Cat Recording Co
2.18.20    Dreams by Benny Sings
2.17.20    Plus by Peach Tree Rascals | Beautiful Day by Surfaces
2.16.20    S’en aller by Swing, Angele
2.15.20    Everything I Know by Benny Sings
2.14.20    I Feel Alive by TOPS
2.13.20    Coffee For Dinner by Orion Sun
2.12.20    Grabba by MIKE
2.11.20        January 30, 2020: Spitzer - Final Voyage by Sleeping At Last
2.10.20    October Baby by MIKE
2.9.20        Striped by Ben Esser, Beau Diako, emawk
2.8.20        Heartbeat by Raveena
2.7.20        Strings by iyla
2.6.20        - Naiads, Cassadies by Fleet Foxes
2.5.20        Doomed by Moses Sumney
2.4.20        Fire Truck by Andy Shauf
2.3.20        Skeemin by Arin Ray
2.2.20        Okok (Hibachi) by Jordan Ward
2.1.20        I’m Home by Peter Cat Recording Co
1.31.20    Je Suis Infini by ((( O )))
1.30.20    Platinum Deluxe by Arin Ray (album)
1.29.20    BUSSIT by Dreamville, Ari Lennox
1.28.20    Dirty Martini Girl by MIma
1.27.20    Drugs & Liquor by The Copper Children
1.26.20    St. Paul by Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners
1.25.20    Feel That Again by Hello Yello
1.24.20    Shampoo Bottles by Peach Pit
1.23.20    Next To Me by Jamie Isaac, Nosaj Thing
1.22.20    When Sunny Gets Blue by McCoy Tyner
1.21.20    My Love by Bahamas
1.20.20    Where U Are by Rina Sawayama
1.19.20    Nothing Like This by J Dilla
1.18.20    P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) by Jhene Aiko
1.17.20    Blue World by Mac Miller
1.16.20    Kiss Her You Fool by Kids That Fly
1.15.20    The Answer by Big Words
1.14.20    Cosurmyne by Jungle
1.13.20    Talk by Verzache
1.12.20    Aya by Kweku Collins, Allan Kingdom
1.11.20        Say So by Doja Cat
1.10.20    Rain - A COLORS SHOWA by The Teskey Brothers
1.9.20        Reckless by Arin Ray
1.8.20        Tape: Side B by Choker
1.7.20        Oh, Isabella by Rusty Clayton
1.6.20        Slow Down by Skip Marley, H.E.R.
1.5.20        Dunes by Alabama Shakes
1.4.20        Loverboy by RALPH TV
1.3.20        Over by Please Wait, Ta-ku, matt mcwaters, kerri
1.2.20        Verocai by Matty
1.1.20        Nu Yrs by Two Sleepy


12.31.19    Yada Yada by Anderson .Paak
12.30.19    It Ain’t Easy by Hidden Spheres
12.29.19    Polly by Moses Sumney
12.28.19    Sleigh by Smino, Monte Booker, Masego
12.27.19    Manhattan by Blossom Dearie   
12.26.19    into the night by ocha.
12.25.19    Guppy by Choker
12.24.19    Frame - From “Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack”
12.23.19    Gwan by Rostam
12.22.19    Prologue by Lucy Lu, Lyds
12.21.19    Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second - Live by STRFKR
12.20.19    Tiger - Tayrell Remix by Tora
12.19.19    Give Love a Try - aka Since You are Gone by Pat Kelly
12.18.19    Atoll by Nai Palm
12.17.19    Lo Que No Me Dices by Kimberley Tell
12.16.19    Twenty2 by Emerson Leif
12.15.19    Adore You by Harry Styles
12.14.19    Risk by FKJ, Bas
12.13.19    Need It by KAYTRANADA, Masego
12.12.19    Gloria’s Step by Bill Evans
12.11.19    Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko
12.10.19    What a Job by Devin The Dude
12.9.19    Fakery by Lucy Lu
12.8.19    Take 1 by Guantanamo Bay Surf Club
12.7.19    The Strip by MED, Blu, Madlib, Anderson .Paak
12.6.19    Frozen Away by altopalo
12.5.19    drip bounce _ 7_24_18
12.4.19    By by HNNY
12.3.19    Glasshouses by Maribou State
12.2.19    CRÉME by Laundry Day
12.1.19    Time Alone With You by Jacob Collier, Daniel Caesar
11.30.19    FTA by Whitney
11.29.19    Serendipity - Lofi Edit by Smyang Piano, tamagopalette
11.28.19    Replay by Cool Company, Cook Thugless, DAZED
11.27.19    can’t sleep by pettersson
11.26.19    SEATTLE by Sam Kimm
11.25.19    Snaxx w U by Mndsgn, Asal Hazel
11.24.19    Cold by Sebastian Roca
11.23.19    I Think It’s Rain by Sebastian Roca
11.22.19    Replay by Cool Company, Cook Thugless, Dazed
11.21.19    Cold (album) by Sebastian Roca
11.20.19    everything i wanted by Billie Eilish
11.19.19    Nothing (by Bruno Major) cover by Samm Kim
11.18.19    Juicy by Alistair
11.17.19    Getting Late (From “Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack”) by Syd
11.16.19    everything i wanted by Billie Eilish
11.15.19    None of Your Concern by Jhene Aiko
11.14.19    Accordian by Madvillain
11.13.19    Till You Sink by MOSSS
11.12.19    Lucy by Noah Chenfeld
11.11.19    Girl by Standing On The Corner
11.10.19    Cinnamon by Palehound
11.9.19        Female Energy, Part 2 by WILLOW
11.8.19        Free by Louis The Child, Drew Love
11.7.19        hostage by Billie Eilish
11.6.19        Sly RIP by Godriguez
11.5.19        Lie To Me by Biig Piig, Mac Wetha
11.4.19        CRYBABY :*( by Dijon
11.3.19        In My Room by Frank Ocean
11.2.19        Might Be by Anderson .Paak
11.1.19        Make This Magic by Godriguez
10.31.19    Blue Bossa by Godriguez
10.30.19    Blackout by RIN
10.29.19    Give Me a Call by Gab Ferreira
10.28.19    O Quarto by Viratempo, Gab Ferreira
10.27.19    Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande, The Weeknd
10.26.19    Sugar Walls by Masego
10.25.19    Tangerine by Tim Atlas
10.24.19    Face to Face by Rex Orange County
10.23.19    If The World Was Ending by JP Saxe, Julia Michaels
10.22.19    Slow Dancing in the Dark by Nicolas Yee
10.21.19    DHL by Frank Ocean
10.20.19    Passing Trains by George FitzGerald
10.19.19    Back To You by Kllo
10.18.19    Pluto Projector by Rex Orange County
10.17.19    Demi Moore by Phoebe Bridgers
10.16.19    U & Me by Yangze
10.15.19    let me hold you by lofi.samurai, Insowmya
10.14.19    Gershey’s Kiss by Michael Cera
10.13.19    Voder by HeavyLoop Selecta
10.12.19    Kin by Tourist
10.11.19    I Think It’s Rain by Sebastian Roca
10.10.19    riverside by Jack Cates
10.9.19    Daysleeper by Dirty Art Club
10.8.19    Fo’Sho by April + VISTA
10.7.19    Zender by Vesce
10.6.19    Good Energy by Brandt Orange
10.5.19    I Saw The Light by Todd Rundgren
10.4.19    on his own. (Live at Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta) by Puma Blue
10.3.19    SUGARPARENTS by Amine, Rico Nasty
10.2.19    CYANIDE REMIX by Daniel Caesar, Koffee
10.1.19    Earth by Michael Skaide
9.30.19    Darling, Darling, Darling… - Remastered by Chapelier Fou
9.29.19    Good Luck by Dijon
9.28.19    Cardigan Song by Kikagaku Moyo
9.27.19    To Me by Alina Baraz
9.26.19    Way to be Loved by TOPS
9.25.19    Rainy Day by Generation Lost
9.24.19    Chamomile Tea by Chance Thrash
9.23.19    Think by Reddy, Jay Park
9.22.19    Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko
9.21.19    Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko
9.20.19    Stop Selling Her Drugs by Bakar, Dominic Fike
9.19.19    Silence by Noah Slee
9.18.19    YAH. by Sego, Vacationer
9.17.19    Skin by Dijon cus I listen to this song everyday since 7/5
9.16.19    So Far To Go - 7” Edit by J Dilla, D’Angelo, Common, Kariem Riggins
9.15.19    There Was Plenty Time Before Us by Deem Spencer
9.14.19    The sound of the waves in Cinque Terre
9.13.19    Pretty Boy by Kevin Krauter
9.12.19    Leave My Home by FKJ
9.11.19        Prickly Pear by Summer Salt
9.10.19    Claudi by Laurence Guy
9.9.19        Wi Ing Wi Ing by HYUKOH
9.8.19        What You’re Doing by Moonchild
9.7.19        Top Down by EARTHGANG
9.6.19        Taking a Page by Devendra Banhart
9.5.19        Understand by Christian Leave
9.4.19        ...And Counting by Lights
9.3.19        Keep Falling In Love by Kevin Kauter
9.2.19        Cellar Door - Demo by Hippo Campus | Valleys (My Love) by Whitney
9.1.19        If You Want It by Jay Som
8.30.19    Mood (ft. Zacari) by SiR
8.29.19    Rosé by tyler coolidge
8.28.19    Restless by Miami Horror
8.27.19    I’ma Get You by duendita
8.26.19    One of One by duendita
8.25.19    Forever by Night Tapes
8.24.19    Hell N Back by Bakar
8.23.19    Was It Something I Said by MyKey
8.22.19    dove by MUNYA
8.21.19    Pretend by okaywill
8.20.19    Here for the First Time by Juniper
8.19.19    Float by Magic City Hippies
8.18.19    Used To Be Lonely by Whitney
8.17.19    Nevada by River Tiber
8.16.19    Heaven Up There by Palace
8.15.19    Nonstop by Drake
8.14.19    aurora by Tim Legend, SCayos
8.13.19    Talk.2.U by Billy Lemos, Kiddus, Nic Clay
8.12.19    Crush by Jayvidd
8.11.19        Saloon by Lucas Biewen
8.10.19    Abre Las Manos by Devendra Banhart
8.9.19        Cheer Up, You’re Not Dead Yet by Blackhead
8.8.19        Under Blankets by crwn, Jess Connelly
8.7.19        One Hundred by OddKidOut
8.6.19        Sandstorm by Mereba, JID
8.5.19        SoHo Freestyle by Pivot Gang, Kota the Friend   
8.4.19        Bust It Open by Cool Company
8.3.19        I Wouldn’t Ask You by Clairo
8.2.19        White Flag by Clairo
8.1.19        Recluse by Dre’es, Asiatica, PONTIAC
7.31.19    Quits by Flume, Reo Cragon
7.30.19    Intro~ by Mild Orange
7.29.19    Phone Sex by Cutouts
7.28.19    Eternal by Chance The Rapper
7.27.19    Room in Here by Anderson .Paak ft. The Game & Sonyae Elise
7.26.19    Sunny by Biig Piig
7.25.19    Lavish Lullaby by Masego
7.24.19    Up Late by Ari Lenno ft. Masego
7.23.19    Nylon by Kllo
7.22.19    Does She by Yuna, Jay Park
7.21.19    Acalanto- A COLORS Show by Juedji Luna
7.20.19    Feeling That Feel by Verzache
7.19.19    Command V by Ritt Momney (new album amazing)
7.18.19    I Know by Worry Lezz
7.17.19    Depiction by Wenzel
7.16.19    Nola by Kota the Friend, Khary, Hello Oshay
7.15.19    How You Feel- A COLORS Show by Swsh
7.14.19    Something About You by Sophie Meiers
7.13.19    Careful! by weird inside
7.12.19    Get On by Racoma
7.11.19        Paper News by Ritt Momney
7.10.19    debushy by Kenny Segal
7.9.19        When Did We Get So High? By Cool Company
7.8.19        Socks by Domonic Fike
7.7.19        Valley Kids by North House, Sniffle Party
7.6.19        Labor (Live at Lincoln Hall) by Son Lux
7.5.19        Similar by Tora
7.4.19        Happy by Last Dinosaurs
7.3.19        Dream State (Brighter Night) Instrumental by Son Lux
7.2.19        Atlas: Two by Sleeping At Last
7.1.19        Eleven by Last Dinosaurs
6.30.19    Je Rêverai à Toi by Kate Bollinger
6.29.19    My Negrita by Devendra Banhart
6.28.19    CYANIDE by Daniel Caesar
6.27.19    tonight by Public Library Commute
6.26.19    Wanna Know by Sabrina Claudio
6.25.19    New Year’s Eve by Mellow Fellow, FLOOR CRY
6.24.19    Treat Me Like Fire by LION BABE
6.23.19    temporary nothing (Charlie Burg edit) by mxmtoon
6.22.19    Elevate/Escalate by Rey Mayari
6.21.19    Easy Loving You by SG Lewis, Kamille
6.20.19    What You Know About Yourself by Jerry Folk
6.19.19    Ride by Shango, Vader, Mako
6.18.19    Uranus by Sleeping At Last
6.17.19    Mind by Greentea Peng
6.16.19    Problems by Petit Biscuit Bohkeh Remix
6.15.19    Gypsy by Tigers Jaw
6.14.19    Perdida by Biig Piig
6.13.19    Six Speed by Current Blue
6.12.19    Time by Free Nationals, Mac Miller, Kali Uchis
6.11.19        August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse by Sleeping At Last
6.10.19    Henny Money by Serious Klein
6.9.19        This Is the Day by The The
6.8.19        Elixir by Tourist
6.7.19        Rollerblades by Dominic Fike
6.6.19        Satomi by Farmer Boy, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Tommasi
6.5.19        Nikes by Justice Der
6.4.19        Butterscotch by Robotaki, Jamie Fine, falcxne
6.3.19        The Reason I Smile by Endlessoh
6.2.19        Autumn Leaves by The Walters
6.1.19        Salt Water by Raveena
5.31.19    Forrest Gump by Rachel Bobbit, Justice Der
5.30.19    Shy Boy by Dre’es
5.29.19    Letting You Go by Cobrayama, Gibbz
5.28.19    Lavender by Dreamer Boy
5.27.19    What’s Left by The Walters
5.26.19    My Take on Solidao by fantompower
5.25.19    Old School Turntables by Matt DiMona
5.24.19    Outro Freestyle/4ever by Steve Lacy
5.23.19    Walk at Dawn by Thrupence        |     Already by Anderson. Paak, SiR
5.22.19    Deep End by hapi, Cellar Door, jules
5.21.19    Playground by Steve Lacy
5.20.19    VIVID DREAMS (Remix) by KAYTRANADA
5.19.19    Juicy by Doja Cat    |    3 Nights by Dominic Fike
5.18.19    Fatigued by Yeek, Jesse
5.17.19    EARFQUAKE by Tyler, The Creator
5.16.19    KOALA by Kota The Friend
5.15.19    Kids by Current Joys
5.14.19    Auburn by Brahny
5.13.19    Limbo by They Dream By Day
5.12.19    Be Your Lady by K, Le Maestro
5.11.19        Shining Through by Gould, Eleni Drake, Love-SadKid
5.10.19    Kettering by The Antlers
5.9.19        Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
5.8.19        I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life by Washed Out
5.7.19        Casio by Jungle
5.6.19        Smoke by Luke Levenson, Abbey Smith
5.5.19        A Better Way by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell
5.4.19        7 Days Til Sunday by TV Girl
5.3.19        Ipanema by Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, Elujay
5.2.19        2 Petty by TiRon & Ayomari
5.1.19        Lac d’Annecy by Haute-Savoie
4.30.19    There’s Little Left by Bruno Major
4.29.19    Wouldn’t Mean A Thing by Bruno Major
4.28.19    Vitality by Flume
4.27.19    Passionfruit by Benny Sings
4.26.19    Ceilings by beabadobee
4.25.19    Stand Still by Sabrina Claudio
4.24.19    Outro by Majid Jordan
4.23.19    Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier
4.22.19    Birdie by Kota the Friend
4.21.19    April 10, 2019: Powehi- Image of a Blank Hole by Sleeping At Last
4.20.19    Sis by Clairo
4.19.19    Coax & Botany by Gus Dapperton
4.18.19    Still by Loyle Carner
4.17.19    Ah Ey Uh by June Marieezy
4.16.19    Fade Away by Kudasaibeats
4.15.19    Blinding My Vision by K. Roosevelt
4.14.19    Momma I Hit A Lick ft. Kendrick Lamar by 2 Chainz
4.13.19    Winners Circle by Anderson .Paak
4.11.19        Stay Flo by Solange
4.10.19    The Bright Side by Deem Spencer
4.9.19        did you/fall apart - A COLORS SHOW by Prateek Kuhad
4.8.19        Skytop Garden by Johnny Utah
4.7.19        Strung Out by Ruby Empress
4.6.19        Lava by Still Woozy
4.5.19        Make It Better (feat. Smokey Robinson) by Anderson .Paak
4.4.19        Mile High by James Blake, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin
4.3.19        Girls Need Love by Summer Walker, Drake
4.2.19        Chasin’ Rhymes (ft. Saara Maria) by Joomanji
4.1.19        Orbit by Nao
3.31.19    The One by TeaMarr
3.30.19    Dream Sweet in Sea Major by Miracle Musical
3.29.19    Friends by Flume
3.28.19    Gradient by Choker
3.27.19    Killjoy by KESHORE, Prod. Esteban, SavageGasp
3.26.19    Rest Easy by Cozy Collective
3.25.19    Break Up Together by Theo Katzman
3.24.19    The Few Things by JP Sax   
3.23.19    Cranes in the Sky by Solange
3.22.19    Nostalgia Montage by Salami Rose Joe Louis
3.21.19    High Beams by Flume, HWLS, slowthai
3.20.19    Ecdysis by Flume (new Flume mixtape is amazing)
3.19.19    Polite Company by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
3.18.19    Slush Puppy by King Krule
3.17.19    Fill Me Up by Gus Dapperton
3.16.19    Wasteland by Tierra Whack
3.15.19    Museums by Chester Watson
3.14.19    Radiovoice by Good Morning
3.13.19    MIDDLE CHILD by J. Cole
3.12.19    Better by GEO, Gabriela Francesca & Rex Mac
3.11.19        Bubblegum by Clairo
3.10.19    Gloria by Tierra Whack
3.9.19        Warning Intruders by Rostam (Jim-E Stack Remix)
3.8.19        Petulia by Hans.
3.7.19        All Bad by JID, Mereba
3.6.19        Why by Connor Pearson
3.5.19        Half-Light by Rostam, Kelly Zatrau
3.4.19        Josh Knowles from SoFar Boston
3.3.19        Rose Quartz by Toro y Moi
3.2.19        Really, I by Deem Spencer
3.1.19        Mirage by Take/Five
2.28.19    CLONES by Tierra Whack
2.27.19    Get Free by Major Lazor (Chrome Sparks Remix)
2.26.19    Guppy by Choker
2.25.19    DualShocker by Choker
2.24.19    Obsessed with Design Podcast: Paula Scher, David Carson, Stacey Dyer
2.23.19    Honeywhear by Van Jess
2.22.19    Scrawny by Wallows
2.21.19    Only Child by Tierra Whack
2.20.19    HEADY by Reaper
2.19.19    Prideful by j^s^n
2.18.19    Where Do You Go by Charlotte Day Wilson
2.17.19    Song For No One by Miike Snow
2.16.19    No Other Feeling by vbnd, Katie Tupper
2.15.19    Sun of Jean by Loyle Carner
2.14.19    Artist’s Studio by Michael Wall
2.13.19    Are You There by fern
2.12.19    Away by Mons Vi
2.11.19        Better Things by Ralph Castelli
2.10.19    My Little by Ryan Leahan
2.9.19        Love Her by White Elephant
2.8.19        Talk by Khalid, Disclosure
2.7.19        Something New by Getter
2.6.19        Voice in the Rain Medley: Opus 28, Prelude No. 4 by Chopin
2.5.19        Juno by Choker
2.4.19        Coco Chanel by LAUSSE THE CAT
2.3.19        Lost My Phone by Bluestaeb
2.2.19        Grips On Your Waist by przx, Shiloh Dynasty
2.1.19         Haha No One Can Hear You! By Gallant
1.31.19    In your Eyes by BADBADNOTGOOD (Nosaj Thing Remix)
1.30.19    If I Didn’t Have You by Vista Kicks
1.29.19    Belle Bouteille by LAUSSE THE CAT
1.28.19    Lost Coast by Selfsteam
1.27.19    Got Muscle by Goldlink, Peewee Longway
1.26.19    High School by UMI
1.25.19    Sunflower by Post Malone
1.24.19    All There Is by Chrome Sparks, Steffaloo
1.23.19    WHY? By Aminé
1.22.19    Over The Moon by The Marías
1.21.19    Overgrown by James Blake
1.20.19    Looks by Steve Lacey
1.19.19    New House by Toro y Moi
1.18.19    Church by Samm Henshaw, EARTHGANG
1.17.19    When I Was Older by Billie Eilish
1.16.19    Yin/Yang by Student 1, Tierra Whack
1.15.19    Agnostic by Ellzo
1.14.19    Put Your Head On My Shoulder by Harrison Craig
1.13.19    This Is a Rose (Interlude) by Felly
1.12.19    Good Morning by Ralph Castelli
1.11.19        The Hills by Goth Babe
1.10.19    Harvest by Summer Salt
1.9.19        Sheep by Mt. Joy
1.8.19        Tea For Two by Blossom Dearie
1.7.19        The Girl I Haven’t Met (Biskwiq flip) by Kudasaibeats
1.6.19        Under Control by The Strokes
1.5.19        January by Verzache
1.4.19        Pretty Boy by TV Girl
1.3.19        Agnostic by Ellzo
1.2.19        Lighter/Time by LAUNDRY DAY
1.1.19        Baby Boo by Paulie Leparik


12.31.18    Elastic by Joey Purp
12.30.18    The One- Radio Edit by Jorja Smith
12.29.18    Canal St. by A$AP Rocky, Bones
12.28.18    Gunz V Butter by A$AP Rocky
12.27.18    Broke by Samm Henshaw
12.26.18    6am by Edo Lee
12.25.18    There Was Plenty Time Before Us by Deem Spencer
12.24.18    Midnight Snack by Jerkcurb
12.23.18    It’s Okay (Outro) by Forrest., Biskwiq
12.22.18    Remember Me by UMI
12.21.18    Tearjerker by Small Forward
12.20.18    Lullaby by UMI, Yeek
12.19.18    There Was Plenty Time Before Us by Deem Spencer
12.18.18    Let Me In by H.E.R.
12.17.18    Ode to Neptune by Reggie Pearl, The Public
12.16.18    Waving by Sniffle Party
12.15.18    Karat by Forever Golden
12.14.18    Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean
12.13.18    Aw Sh!t by Joey Purp
12.12.18    Breakfast for 2 by SadGirl
12.11.18    Love Song-1 by The Internet
12.10.18    Who Hurt You by Daniel Caesar
12.9.18    December (Based on September) by Earth, Wind, Fire
12.8.18    Habit by Still Woozy
12.7.18    Like I Do by Christina Aguilera, Goldlink
12.6.18    6am by Moonchild
12.5.18    In The Morning by Syd, Mac Miller
12.4.18    Never Leave by Ianclier
12.3.18    Collect by Pretty Boy Aaron, Luna Luna
12.2.18    Rosewood by Harris Cole, Arbour
12.1.18    Punchanella by EARTHGANG
11.30.18    Nowhere2go by Earl Sweatshirt
11.29.18    This Is What Happens by Peachy!
11.28.18    Basically by STRFKR
11.27.18    Luv by Psalm
11.26.18    Self Control by steezy prime
11.25.18    Money is Everything by Richie Woods
11.24.18    Orange Beanie by J’von
11.23.18    In2 Your Love by Chrome Sparks
11.22.18    Ether by Puma Blue
11.21.18    I’ll Look Around by Billie Holiday
11.20.18    MF GROOVE by Ravyn Lenae, Smino
11.19.18    Rex (Intro) by Rex Orange County
11.18.18    Trippy by Anderson .Paak, J. Cole
11.17.18    Want U Back by Spencer.
11.16.18    Pollution/Disclaimer by Ritt Momney
11.15.18    Young by Frankie Cosmos
11.14.18    Waste by Justice Der
11.13.18    Honey Dew by LION BABE (Seven Davis Jr. Remix)
11.12.18    Sleep Next To Me by ALEX
11.11.18    Everything Is Just Fine by Salami Rose Joe Louis
11.10.18    KLINK by Smino
11.9.18        Like Mariah by HOMESHAKE
11.8.18        Juat Because by Hala
11.7.18        A Side/B Side- Acoustic by Tipling Rock
11.6.18        Next 2 U by Feyde
11.5.18        Colorado by Kota the Friend
11.4.18        Alright by Verzache
11.3.18        Slow Dance Revisited in Honor of Cosmic by Salami Rose Joe Louis
11.2.18        Holding Out For You by Pond
11.1.18        Paint Me Silver by Pond
10.31.18    One More by Yaeji
10.30.18    Silk by Belaganas, Belle Jewel
10.29.18    Tell Meeeee by Salami Rose Joe Louis
10.28.18    Ivy by Frank Ocean (bc it’s his birthday)
10.27.18    ATTENTION by Joji
10.26.18    Kick It by Verzache
10.25.18    With Surf by Jetson
10.24.18    Meditate by EARTHGANG, J.I.D.
10.23.18    Boofiness by 1010 Benja SL
10.22.18    Where U Are by Rina Sawayama
10.21.18    Younger by The Hails
10.20.18    Leave It In My Dreamz by The Voidz
10.19.18    when the party’s over by Billie Eilish
10.18.18    Who Hurt You? by Daniel Caesar
10.17.18    Test Drive by Joji
10.16.18    Archy by Jetson
10.15.18    Goodbye Baby by The Walters
10.14.18    Drunk on Halloween by Wallows
10.13.18    Lowkey by tyler coolidge
10.12.18    Panoramic Girl by Young the Giant
10.11.18    Losing Interest (ft. Shamana) by prxz, Shiloh Dynasty
10.10.18    Beauty & Essex by Daniel Caesar, Unknown Mortal Orchestra
10.9.18    good things by autumn keys
10.8.18    Dew Lo-Fi Version by PYNKIE
10.7.18    breathin by Ariana Grande
10.6.18    Lost In Translation / 1 by infinite bisous
10.5.18    Mona Lisa by Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar
10.4.18    MUMBO JUMBO by Tierra Whack
10.3.18    You by Good Morning
10.2.18    Wendy by Richie Woods
10.1.18    Lil Lude (Dark Embrace) by Puma Blue
9.30.18    Loverboy by The Marías
9.29.18    Midnight by Puma Blue
9.28.18    I Do by Gibbz
9.27.18    Late Again by Rejjie Snow
9.26.18    Cigarettes and Sex by prxz, Shiloh Dynasty
9.25.18    Bad Dream/No Looking Back by Syd
9.24.18    The Not Real Lake by Loving
9.23.18    Confire by emune
9.22.18    Dance with Me by Jordan Dennis, Tentendo
9.20.18    Wendy by Richie Woods
9.19.18    Fukk Sleep by A$AP Rocky
9.18.18    Luv Bug by Wassup Rouker
9.17.18    Afterblunts by Shy Lennox
9.16.18    Pretty Girl by Felly
9.15.18    …& On by Erykah Badu
9.14.18    7teen by Garrett
9.13.18    Loyal by ODESZA
9.12.18    Genuine by Shagabond, Noah
9.11.18        La Lune by King Krule
9.10.18    Feel A Way by H.E.R.
9.9.18        Self Care by Mac Miller
9.8.18        As I Am by H.E.R
9.7.18        N.S.L.T. by Matty Owens
9.6.18        Genesis by Daniela Andrade
9.5.18        Velvet Sheets by Goth Babe
9.4.18        Alrighty Aphrodite by Peach Pit
9.3.18        Burb by Billy Lemos
9.2.18        I Don’t Know You by The Marías
9.1.18        Lucy by Still Woozy, ODIE
8.31.18    One Last Time by Summer Salt
8.30.18    You Good? (Prod. Orion Sun) by Tyler Hammons
8.29.18    Plastic Taste by Joji
8.28.18    Salami Rose- Intrumental by emune
8.27.18    Go To Town by Doja Cat
8.26.18    Philly Jawn by Kota the Friend
8.25.18    Hope by Blood Orange
8.23.18    worldstar money (interlude) by Joji
8.22.18    Wow Freestyle by Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar
8.21.18    Is There A Place I Can Go by Trudy and the Romance
8.20.18    you. By Oscar Lang
8.19.18    Want Me Too by Mons Vi
8.18.18    Labyrinth by Toro y Moi
8.17.18    Think About U by Ryan Hemsworth, Joji
8.16.18    Go There by Small Forward
8.15.18    Rose In Harlem by Teyana Taylor
8.14.18    Chicago Diner by Kota the Friend
8.13.18    Pretend by Hovvdy
8.12.18    Dream Speed by Skating
8.11.18        Yeah Right by Joji
8.10.18    i wouldn’t mind dying with you by longlost
8.9.18        Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Gerix (Medasin Remix)
8.8.18        Italy by Good Posture
8.7.18        From the Subway Train by Vansire
8.6.18        Star Catcher by Vansire, Chester Watson
8.5.18        Wake Up Jacob by Sitcom, Orion Sun
8.4.18        Flea Market by Tierra Whack
8.3.18        Space Jam- An Odessey by Orion Sun
8.2.18        Mango (Freestyle/Process) by Mulch, Orion Sun
8.1.18        Uncomfortable by Wallows
7.31.18    Honey by Sebastian Roca
7.30.18    Get To You Again by Mac Ayers
7.29.18    Black Lipstick by Chicano Batman
7.28.18    Single For the Summer by felly, Gyyps
7.27.18    Bollywood by Dreamgirl
7.26.18    Bodys by Carseat Headrest
7.25.18    Here to Stay by JUICEBOX, Jinsang
7.24.18    435 by Tyler, The Creator
7.23.18    Sleep When We’re Dead by Hate Drugs
7.22.18    Let Me Remind by vbnd, Simon Jasieniuk, Connor Newton, Justice Der
7.21.18    1 4 2 by Inner Wave
7.20.18    Daughter of the Sun by vbnd, Katie Tupper, Justice Der
7.19.18    You Look Well by SALES
7.18.18    Set Piece by Vansire, Sophie Meiers, Ivy Sole
7.17.18    Midnight by Jordan Andrew
7.16.18    Donuts by Herrick & Hooley
7.15.18    Killin’ the Vibe by Ducktails
7.14.18    Sunshine Girl- Pt. 2 by Jakob Ogawa
7.13.18    Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean
7.12.18    The Glow by Sylvan Esso
7.11.18        haunt me x3 by Teen Suicide
7.10.18    These Days by Wallows
7.9.18        Blue by Dream, Ivory
7.8.18        Stranger Things Louis Futon Flip
7.7.18        Adventura by Mike Gao
7.6.18        Doing Better by Jamie Isaac
7.5.18        JOHNNY by BORCKHAMPTON
7.4.18        WASTE by Justice Der
7.3.18        Pray4mi (This World) by Jay Squared, jhfly
7.2.18        SUMMER by BROCKHAMPTON
7.1.18        2 Soon by Felly
6.30.18    Planet Shrooms by Woodie Smalls
6.29.18    Desert Eagle by Felly, Gyyps
6.28.18    Shorty by Felly
6.27.18    713 by The Carters
6.26.18    La Thune by Angelé
6.25.18    Forest Fire by YOG$, alayna, Healy
6.24.18    Moonlight by XXXTENTACION
6.23.18    Not Gonna Lie by Andrew Applepie
6.22.18    Forever Always by Peter Cottontale, Rex Orange County, Chance The Rapper, Daniel Caesar
6.21.18    Don’t Wait by Mapei by Chance The Rapper
6.20.18    Your Soul by Forrest.
6.19.18    Saint Ivy by Beach Fossils
6.18.18    Needs by Zach Berro, Mac Ayers
6.17.18    Sing To Me by Jhené Aiko, NAMIKO Love
6.16.18    Beside You by Box Dreams
6.15.18    I’m Upset by Drake
6.14.18    Pretty Girls by Michael Seyer
6.13.18    Daydream by Kadri Williams
6.12.18    Kmttp by 1$T
6.11.18        B.I.D. by Tory Lanez
6.10.18    Right Here Waiting For You by Herrick & Hooley
6.9.18        Left Alone by Flume, Chet Faker (Ta-ku Remix)
6.8.18        I Know by Kirk Knight, Mick Jenkins
6.7.18        Come Over by The Internet
6.6.18        Dream Boat by Banes World
6.5.18        Open Letter by Temporex
6.4.18        Care by Temporex
6.3.18        You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are by Keaton Henson
6.2.18        New Coupe, Who Dis? By Smino, Miss Jenkins
6.1.18        Speed Dial by pig, beabadobee
5.31.18    J’ai vu by Roméo Elvis, Angéle
5.30.18    No More by Verzache
5.29.18    Flamingos by Granata, BluntOne
5.28.18    Ugotme by Omar Apollo
5.27.18    What You Want by Danny Dwyer
5.26.18    Loving by Surfaces
5.25.18    Hello? by Clairo, Rejjie Snow
5.24.18    We Got High by John Jackson
5.23.18    30 Bitches by Billy Marchiafava
5.22.18    Coolhand by Buzzy Lee
5.21.18    Love by Andrew Applepie
5.20.18    Mozzarella by Herrick & Hooley
5.19.18    Bubblin by Anderson .Paak
5.18.18    Of Lacking Spectacle by Gus Dapperton
5.17.18    White Jeans by SALES
5.16.18    Only Girl by Kali Uchis, Steve Lacey
5.15.18    Romeo & Juliet by Hobo Johnson
5.14.18    Belong To You by Sabrina Claudio, 6LACK
5.13.18    Doing Too Much by Devin Shamel
5.12.18    Landscapes (Interlude) by Herrick & Hooley
5.11.18        *that one part at the end* Susie May by beabadobee
5.10.18    Yellow Bird by Pretty Lights
5.9.18        Four Walls by Bastille
5.8.18        Dontmakemefallinlove by Cuco
5.7.18        This Is America by Childish Gambino
5.6.18        Show Me How by Men I Trust
5.5.18        Waiting Room by Sjowgren
5.4.18        Nice For What by Drake
5.3.18        We Need Love by vbnd, Tola
5.2.18        Fireflies by Gabriel Garzón-Montavo
5.1.18        Khlorine by Sango, Smino   
4.30.18    Susie May by beabadobee
4.29.18    Rose’s Thorn by TOKiMONSTA
4.28.18    Flexin by Rejiie Snow
4.27.18    OKRA by Tyler, The Creator
4.26.18    Coffee by beabadobee
4.25.18    Charlie Brown by Rejjie Snow
4.24.18    Escape by George Walter
4.23.18    We Stayed Up All Night by Tourist, Ardyn
4.22.18    LOGOUT by Saba, Chance The Rapper
4.21.18    Toto by SALES
4.20.18    Velvet Light by Jakob Ogawa
4.19.18    For You by SALES
4.18.18    Like A Razor by Klyne
4.17.18    Oasis: MAos by Kweku Collins
4.16.18    Figures, A Reprise by Jessie Reyez, Daniel Caesar
4.15.18    Next To Me by Puma Blue
4.14.18    Best Life by Cardi B ft. Chance The Rapper
4.13.18    Better Not by Louis The Child
4.12.18    Dear To Me by Electric Guest
4.11.18        Acres by Sam Gellaitry
4.10.18    All We Do For Love by Benny Sings
4.9.18        Think Like I Do by Jye, Felivand
4.8.18        Hunnybee by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
4.7.18        You’re On My Mind by Tom Misch
4.6.18        Lost In Paris by Tom Misch
4.5.18        Spanish Sahara by Foals
4.4.18        idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish
4.3.18        Freak Caroline by Sterling Fox
4.2.18        New Chapter by Monte Booker
3.31.18    Do U Want Me by Giraffage
3.30.18    Relax by Vacations
3.29.18    Damselfly by Tom Misch
3.28.18    Normal Girl by SZA
3.27.18    Water by Triathlon
3.26.18    Little Lies by ODIE
3.25.18    3 by Triathlon
3.24.18    Calcutta by Abhi the Nomad ft. FOSTER
3.23.18    Off and On by SALES
3.22.18    Skiptracing by Mild High Club
3.21.18    We Fcuk by JAYLIEN
3.20.18    Nice to See You by Vansire, Floor Cry
3.19.18    Trapped in a Club by SALES
3.18.18    Moon River by Frank Ocean
3.17.18    Psycho by Post Malone, Ty Dolla $ign
3.16.18    Pope Is a Rockstar by SALES
3.15.18    Apricot Princess by Rex Orange County
3.14.18    Naked all the Time by Sports
3.13.18    It’s You by Triathlon
3.12.18    Neon by Magdelena Bay
3.11.18        Do I Wanna Know? By Arctic Monkeys
3.9.18        Ivy by SALES
3.8.18        Desire by Sylo Nozra, Goldchain
3.7.18        (a Chinese rap song) by VaVa, Evis Wy
3.6.18        The Same Way by lavertebrate
3.5.18        Long Distance Call by Pheonix
3.4.18        Computer Luv by Ravyn Lenae, Steve Lacy
3.3.18        Naps by Joey Pecoraro
3.2.18        Breaking Hearts by James Vincent McMorrow
3.1.18        TenderHeaded by Cam O’bi, Smino
2.28.18    Redemption by Zacari, Babes Wodurno
2.27.18    X by ScHoolboy Q, Z Chains, Saudi
2.26.18    24 hours by Knox Fortune
2.25.18    Never Going Home by Hazel English
2.24.18    History by Cosmo’s Midnight
2.23.18    22 by Bon Iver
2.22.18    Runaway by AURORA
2.21.18    Tropicana by Topaz Jones
2.20.18    Song For You by Rhye
2.19.18    Too Good by Jo&Me
2.18.18    Westside Bound 3 by Saba
2.17.18    Attention by Herrick and Hooley
2.16.18    Spice Girl by Aminé
2.15.18    Love/Lust by 1$T
2.14.18    Hundreds of Sparrows by Holly Miranda
2.13.18    Baby by Tei Shi
2.12.18    Running Around by Buddy Ross
2.11.18        Repeat by Young the Giant
2.10.18    Wish You Still Felt This Way by Sophie Meiers
2.9.18        One Chick by Sondai
2.8.18        FACE by BROCKHAMPTON
2.7.18        SYRE by Jaden Smith
2.6.18        Sweet Holy Honey by Sango, Xavier Omär
2.5.18        FACE by BROCKHAMPTON
2.4.18        Froyo by Hans, Clairo, Aso
2.3.18        George Jeff by Jaden Smith
2.2.18        Icon by Jaden Smith
2.1.18        Nicotine Dream by Breakup Shoes
1.30.18    Vowels by HUNNY
1.29.18    (She’s) Just A Phase by Puma Blue
1.28.18    Spice Girl by Aminé
1.27.18    Every Kind of Way by H.E.R.
1.26.18    Bianca by Maxwell Young
1.25.18    Old Soul by XamVolo (Sam Gellaitry Remix)
1.24.18    Love is Blind by Lapsley (Sam Gellaitry Remix)
1.23.18    Back Around by Dessert
1.22.18    Hand It Over by MGMT
1.21.18    Fine (Her) by C00ltube
1.20.18    Jump Out the Window by Big Sean
1.19.18    Put a Light On by Generstionals
1.18.18    The Good Side by Troye Sivan
1.17.18    Running by Nicotine’s Famous Honey
1.16.18    TOMBOY by Hyukah
1.15.18    Good Together by HONNE
1.14.18    Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens
1.13.18    One and Only by Cuco
1.12.18    Waves by Kanye West
1.11.18        My My My! by Troye Sivan
1.10.18    My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster
1.9.18        Hold Me Down by Daniel Caesar
1.8.18        Sir Rock by Louis Futon (Kasbo Remix)
1.7.18        Holy Mind by Hippie Sabotage
1.6.18        All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar, SZA
1.5.18        Let It Pass by Jakob Ogawa
1.4.18        Shut Me Down by Haute
1.3.18        Sober by Mahalia
1.2.18        Rough Soul by Goldlink
1.1.18        Is It Too Much To Ask For by Jordan Maxwell


12.31.17    3am by HONNE
12.30.17    Navy Blue by Hasani
12.29.17    Sunday Vibes by Masego, Medasin
12.28.17    Big Fish by Vince Staples
12.27.17    Sunflower by Zach Farache
12.26.17    Wedding Bells by Cashmere Cat
12.25.17    Paradise by Rex Orange County
12.24.17    One Last Song by Sam Smith
12.23.17    Nigga Needs by Boogie
12.22.17    The Weekend by SZA (Funk Wav Remix)
12.21.17    MICHUUL. By Duckwrth
12.20.17    Father Stretch My HAnds Pt. 4 by Kanye West
12.19.17    Loving Is Easy by Rex Orange County
12.18.17    mangos pt. 2 by mindbody&beats
12.17.17    Like Real People Do by Hozier
12.16.17    Fuck They by Sofi Tukker
12.15.17    Last to Leave by Louis The Child
12.14.17    One Way Trigger by The Strokes
12.13.17    Last Nite by The Strokes
12.12.17    Saw You in A Dream by The Japanese House
12.11.17    Movie by Tom Misch
12.10.17    Yomilo by Milo
12.9.17    Threat of Joy by The Strokes
12.8.17    OBLIVIOUS by The Strokes
12.7.17    Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane
12.6.17    Listening to Outast, June 23, 2014 by JR JR
12.5.17    Decisions by Crysp, Anita Got Back
12.4.17    egyptian pools by JUICEBOX, Jinsang
12.3.17    All’s Well That Ends by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
12.2.17    To My Soul by Jerry Folk
12.1.17    All I Got by Oliver Tree
11.30.17    Have You Ever by Beshken
11.29.17    Pretty Girl by Clairo
11.28.17    Sex and Sadness by Madi Sipes & The Painted Blue
11.27.17    Best Friend by Rex Orange County
11.26.17    Warned You by Good Morning
11.25.17    Lover Is A Day by Cuco
11.24.17    Papas Fritas by Nick Hakim
11.23.17    Burn It Up by HIGH HØØPS
11.22.17    Lil Thing by Knox Fortune
11.21.17    Fight For Love by Kwabs (Sam Gellaitry Remix)
11.20.17    Fly Away by My Brothers and I
11.19.17    Free by 6LACK
11.18.17    Provider by Frank Ocean
11.17.17    I’m Just Snacking by Gus Dapperton
11.16.17    All I Know by Noah Kittinger
11.15.17    Secrets by Opia, Sam Fiscker
11.14.17    Google Maps Holiday by s.lyre
11.13.17    Netflix and Dusse by Smino
11.12.17    German Love by STRFKR
11.11.17    Blue Bass by Sampa the Great
11.10.17    Valerie by Glee Cast
11.9.17        Second Time by Bruno Major
11.8.17        Jamz by SALES
11.7.17        Aoba by shogonodo
11.6.17        Afterglow by Flores
11.5.17        Trying to Forget by vbnd
11.4.17        You’re On by Madeon (Louis The Child Remix)
11.3.17        The Camel Song by Clara C
11.2.17        We Find Love by Daniel Caesar
11.1.17        Blessed by Daniel Caesar
10.31.17    all I want by vbnd
10.30.17    Die Young by Sylvan Esso
10.29.17    Body High by Harrison Brome
10.28.17    We Ain’t Feeling Time by FKJ
10.27.17    Intro (Santa Barbara) by Box Dreams
10.26.17    Monday by Hans
10.25.17    Daylight by Xandra
10.24.17    Jocelyn Flores by XXXTENTACION
10.23.17    Skyline by FKJ
10.22.17    Hey Thursday by Knapsack
10.21.17    Fantasy Theme by Kevin Krauter
10.20.17    Hands by Point Point
10.19.17    F+L by Point Point
10.18.17    blowback by Galamatias
10.17.17    February Again by looms.
10.16.17    Your Hand Holding Mine by Yellow Days
10.15.17    Black Coffee by Edo Lee
10.14.17    Heart Wants by Magic City Hippies
10.13.17    Same Drugs by Chance The Rapper
10.12.17    You Are the Right One by Sports
10.11.17    Black Coffee by Edo Lee
10.10.17    NUMB by Hayden James
10.9.17    Sweet Dreams by BØRNS
10.8.17    Shivers by Slow Magic
10.7.17    Smart Alec Kill by SG Lewis
10.6.17    Home Soon by DOPE LEMON
10.5.17    Marinade by DOPE LEMON
10.4.17    Warm On A Cold Night ft. Aminé by HONNE
10.3.17    Yoshi’s Dreamland (Remix) by Lavishly Nasty
10.2.17    Neon Lights by DOPE LEMON
10.1.17    Airport Bar (Remix) by Trés, Noah
9.30.17    Tonic Water by Moglii, NOVAA
9.29.17    Best Part by Daniel Caesar
9.28.17    Pisces by Riz La Vie
9.27.17    Woman by HONNE
9.26.17    Day 5: For Carol by Tom Misch
9.25.17    Amphetamine by Smino
9.24.17    Notion by Tash Sultana
9.23.17    Over by Syd
9.22.17    I Sat With You With Cigarettes and Beer Looking at the Stars by Tompabeats
9.21.17    Rain Jacket over a Puddle by Tompabeats
9.20.17    Father Son Holy Smoke by Smino
9.19.17    Monday Loop by Tompabeats
9.18.17    Juvenescence by Verzache
9.17.17    Dissolve by Private Island
9.16.17    Fight Night by Migos
9.15.17    Your Soul by Hippie Sabotage
9.14.17    Easy Easy by King Krule
9.13.17    Thanks for Nothing by Brandyn Burnetto
9.12.17    Look Like God by Healy
9.11.17        Cocoon by Milky Chance
9.10.17    Found You by Kasbo
9.9.17        Lay It On Me by Kasbo
9.8.17        Odesza Album Release: A Moment Apart
9.7.17        You and I by Wilco
9.6.17        44 Forest by Matt Burton
9.5.17        High/Free bu Billy Lemos, Juto, Rei So La
9.4.17        Moments by BIYO
9.3.17        Sometimes by Caye
9.2.17        nerver waste a girl’s time by fromhere
9.1.17        Sky Walker by Miguel, Travis Scott
8.31.17    Honey by Moow
8.30.17    Undertow by Passion Pit
8.29.17    For Sondra (It Means The World To Me) by Passion Pit
8.28.17    Passion Pit new album, Tremendous Sea of Love, and STRFKR
8.27.17    Habit by Cool Company
8.26.17    You Matter To Me by Sara Barelleis (Waitress)
8.25.17    Holy by Jamilia Woods
8.24.17    This Is Not A Game by The Chemical Brothers
8.23.17    Give You Some Love by Felly
8.22.17    Tadow by FKJ ft. Masego
8.21.17    Unwind by Healy
8.20.17    Python by Healy
8.19.17    See You Again by Tyler, The Creator
8.17.17    Future Tense (JWC’s uncle’s band lol)
8.16.17    Bodak Yellow by Cardi B
8.15.17    Game over! By Harris Cole   
8.14.17    Missed Call by Rendezvous At Two
8.13.17    Little Things by Vasser
8.12.17    Fuck Me & Feed Me by Rendezvous At Two
8.11.17        Omaha by Toro y Moi
8.10.17    New Girl (Tom’s Song) by The Walters
8.9.17        REDMERCEDES by Aminé
8.8.17        I Love You So by The Walters
8.7.17        thankful by Meltycanon
8.6.17        Sand Castles by Kota the Friend
8.5.17        What You Need by BAYNK, NIKA
8.4.17        Duckworth by Kendrick Lamar
8.3.17        lose by Travis Scott
8.2.17        I’m Better by Missy Elliot
8.1.17        Cigarette Daydreams by Cage The Elephant
7.31.17    Wrongest Way by Sonny
7.30.17    Strange Things by B. Lewis
7.29.17    Pretty Thoughts by Eazy El Loco, Emilio Morales, Sarah Skinner
7.28.17    im closing my eyes by potsu
7.27.17    This Feeling by Alabama Shakes
7.26.17    Ti Amo by Pheonix
7.25.17    Gimme All Your Love by Alabama Shakes
7.24.17    Resonance by HOME
7.23.17    Where This Flower Blooms by Tyler, The Creator
7.22.17    When by Blake Skowman
7.21.17    Wearing Nothing by Dagny
7.20.17    Fior Di Latte by Pheonix
7.19.17    Valerie- Live at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge by Amy Winehouse
7.18.17    True Feeling by Galantis
7.17.17    Talk Is Overrated by Jeremy Zucker, Blackbear
7.16.17    Before It’s Over Pt. 2 by Phora
7.15.17    Shake It by Metro Station
7.14.17    Night Drive by Ari Lennox
7.13.17    Higher Ground by ODESZA
7.12.17    Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man (Medasin Remix)
7.11.17        Special Affair by The Internet
7.10.17    Girl ft. Clairo by James Dean
7.9.17        Anita by Smino
7.8.17        Doves In The Wind by SZA, Kenrick Lamar
7.7.17        Love Galore by SZA
7.6.17        We/ve Never Met But Can We Have A Cup of Coffee by In Love w/ A Ghost
7.5.17        Ukelele and Chill by Cody G
7.4.17        What They Want by Russ
7.3.17        Me You by Russ
7.2.17        Faithful by Phora
7.1.17        Moon Shoes by Ravyn Lenae
6.30.17    Temptation by Joey Bada$$
6.29.17    To The Moon by Phora
6.28.17    No Turning Back by Russ
6.27.17    Raw by Smino
6.25.17    One I Want by Majid Jordan
6.24.17    Congratulations by Post Malone
6.23.17    DNA by Kendrick Lamar
6.22.17    Loose Kaboose by Mallory Merk
6.21.17    Puppy Love by Mallory Merk
6.20.17    Late Night Drive by Yo Trane
6.18.17    Venezuela Trains by Ravyn Lenae
6.17.17    Came Down (Remix) by Anderson .Paak
6.16.17    Camelblues by Mndsgn
6.15.17    Aoyama by ESTA.
6.14.17    Swang by Rae Sremmurd
6.13.17    How to Love by Lil Wayne
6.12.17    Skrt by Kodak Black
6.11.17        Meridian by ODESZA
6.10.17    Corners of the Earth by ODESZA
6.9.17        To Be Human by Sia
6.8.17        Africa by Toto
6.7.17        Moonlight in Atlanta by Russ
6.6.17        Human by Savdaliza
6.5.17        Droogs by NxWorries
6.4.17        Ellie Alice by Local Natives
6.3.17        This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
6.2.17        Passionfruit by Drake
6.1.17        North American Ride by Mallory Merk
5.31.17    Jamie (Prod by. morten) by YZ
5.30.17    Online by Dangerous Incorporated
5.29.17    Captivate by Midst
5.28.17    Eastside Story by Saba Abraha
5.27.17    Biking by Frank Ocean, Jay Z, and Tyler, The Creator
5.26.17    Somethin Tells Me by Bryson Tiller
5.25.17    goosebumps by Travis Scott
5.24.17    Whole Lot of Heart by Ingrid Michaelson
5.23.17    Mind by Slow Magic
5.22.17    The Night We Met by Lord Huron
5.21.17    PRBLMS by 6LACK
5.20.17    Laputa by Hiatus Kaiyote (Taylor McFernin Remix)
5.19.17    May by Monte Booker, Ravyn Lenae
5.18.17    Right Here by Maxwell Young
5.17.17    Summertime by Vince Staples
5.16.17    Memories by Safario
5.15.17    Horticulture by Maxx MArshall
5.14.17    Kokamoe Freestyle by Goldlink
5.13.17    Malibu by Miley Cyrus
5.12.17    Mask Off by Future
5.11.17        Whatever You Want by Vasser
5.10.17    Crew by Goldlink
5.9.17        Stay by Mac Miller
5.8.17        Digital Kids by Vicktor Taiwó
5.7.17        Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes
5.6.17        Bougie Party by Chloe x Halle
5.5.17        6 8 by Gabriel Garzón Montano
5.4.17        Live Well by Palace
5.3.17        Taste by Sleeping At Last
5.2.17        On The Nature of Daylight by Max Richter
5.1.17        Someone That Loves You by HONNE (Acoustic)
4.30.17    Hearing by Sleeping At Last
4.29.17    Love Like A Sunset I by Pheonix
4.28.17    When by Blake Showron
4.27.17    Slow Down Love by Louis The Child
4.26.17    Late Night by ODESZA
4.25.17    Line of Sight by ODEZSA
4.24.17    LA Vie En Rose/As Long as by Plato III
4.23.17    Mind Trap by araabMUZIK
4.22.17    Fragile by Hector Vae
4.21.17    Lift Me Up by Nick Hakim
4.20.17    Introduction by Atlas Bound
4.19.17    Pillow Talking by Lil Dicky
4.18.17    LOVE by Kendrick Lamar
4.17.17    immortal by Elley Duhé
4.16.17    ...Girl by Mura Masa
4.15.17    XXX ft. U2 by Kendrick Lamar
4.14.17    Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar
4.13.17    Take Me by Miso
4.12.17    La La La/Worldstar Money Rework by Engelwood
4.11.17        Jubilé by La Plage, Témé Tan
4.10.17    You Left the Door Open by Sophie Meiers
4.9.17        Calling by Ukiyo, Your Girl Pho
4.8.17        Song Cry by August Alsina
4.7.17        Cruel by Snakehips (MXXWLL Remix)
4.6.17        Radio by Sylvan Esso (Demo Taped Remix)
4.5.17        HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar
4.4.17        HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar
4.3.17        HUMBLE by Kendrick Lamar
4.2.17        Turning Out by AJR
4.1.17        Weak by AJR
3.31.17    Cruel by Snakehips (MXXWLL Remix)
3.30.17    I Saw You Close Your eyes by Local Natives
3.29.17    Coexist by Leo Islo
3.28.17    Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees
3.27.17    Cycles by weird inside
3.26.17    Eat Sleep Worry by Mree
3.25.17    You’re In My Head by moow, Lotte Kestner
3.24.17    Untitled 02 | 06.23.2014 by Kendrick Lamar
3.23.17    The Heart Part 4 by Kendrick Lamar
3.22.17    Jump High by LION BABE
3.21.17    Secret Garden by Izzard
3.20.17    My Humps by Black Eyed Peas
3.19.17    Passionfruit by Drake
3.18.17    Where I Came From by Passion Pit
3.17.17    Get You by Daniel Caesar
3.16.17    Reasons by Khalid
3.15.17    Eventually by Tame Impala
3.14.17    Mysterious Universe Podcast
3.13.17    Chanel by Frank Ocean
3.12.17    A Mirror by Aidan Knight
3.11.17        Martha Sways by Andy Shauf
3.10.17    To You by Andy Shauf
3.9.17        When I’m Down by Whethan
3.8.17        Weekend by Flume
3.7.17        Love You More by FYFE
3.6.17        Twist Your Ankle by Andy Shauf
3.5.17        Quite Like You by Andy Shauf
3.4.17        Lick Your Wounds by Andy Shauf
3.3.17        Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
3.2.17        Whole Life Story by Passion Pit
3.1.17        Day ‘N’ Night (nightmare) by Kid Cudi
2.28.17    Let Me In by Snowmine
2.27.17    Norf Norf by Vince Staples
2.26.17    Slippery by Migos
2.25.17    oui by Jeremih
2.24.17    Theme Song by Urban Etiquette
2.23.17    That’s My Shit by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
2.22.17    Seabass by Private Island
2.21.17    Afro Club by The Librarians
2.20.17    You Left the Door Open by Sophie Meiers
2.19.17    Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
2.18.17    Wave by Golden Vessel
2.17.17    September by Earth, Wind and Fire
2.16.17    Beneath the Lights by Cool Company
2.15.17    How U Feel by Snake Hips
2.14.17    Waves by Imagine Herbal Flows
2.13.17    Empires Attraction by Matt Corby
2.12.17    Oh Oh Oh by Matt Corby
2.11.17        Why Dream by Matt Corby
2.10.17    Brother by Matt Corby
2.9.17        Hey I Miss U by CHRSBRRY
2.8.17        Fkku by NxWorries
2.7.17        Fall by Ronin
2.6.17        Checkmate by Dessert
2.5.17        Lyk Dis by NxWorries
2.4.17        Friends Cleanse by dné
2.3.17        Do You Beliueve In Magic by The Lovin’ Spearful
2.2.17        False Prophets by J.Cole
2.1.17        Blind Man by Xavior Omär
1.31.17    Alright by Stupead
1.30.17    Talk by DJ Snake
1.29.17    Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julius Stone
1.28.17    Coming Coast by Nelipot
1.27.17    Neighbors by J. Cole
1.26.17    Who Are You ft. Star God by Real Deal
1.25.17    No Pressure by Drew Howard and Birthday Boy
1.24.17    Aqua Blue Honda by TYLER x CORDY
1.23.17    Wen Uu by Shlohmo
1.22.17    Justfayu by KAMU (LION BABE Remix)
1.21.17    Dali, Van, Picasso by Beenzino
1.20.17    Tolerance by metsä
1.19.17    Stunting by Tim Kellner
1.18.17    Note to Self by Tim Kellner
1.17.17    Rewind by Tontario
1.16.17    Waves by Tourist
1.15.17    Mia and Sebastian’s Theme by Justin Hurwitz (La La Land)
1.14.17    D’vocean by Eastghost
1.13.17    I.D.S.H. by MAASAI (Beach Season Remix)
1.12.17    Automatic by Superfeel
1.11.17        Pool by Derek Pope
1.10.17    Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar
1.9.17        Say Something Loving by The XX
1.8.17        2 AM (Prod. DNTST & Berg) by Emma Sameth
1.7.17        Talk Too Much by BeatsCraze
1.6.17        Singlewave by SONDAR
1.5.17        Between Friends by Japanese Wallpaper- Sable Remix
1.4.17        Shine by Buddy
1.3.17        Garden Grays by Wildcat! Wildcat!
1.2.17        CRZY by Kehlani
1.1.17        You Was Right by Lil Uzi Vert


12.31.16    No Flockin by Kodak Black
12.30.16    Inconsiderate by Reo Cragun
12.29.16    Bounce Back by Big Sean
12.28.16    Wicked by Future
12.27.16    Crickets by Drop City Yacht Club
12.26.16    Black Beatles, Confessions, & No Problem Mashup by Alex Aiono
12.25.16    For my people by Sami Elu
12.24.16    Turn Me Down by Pellican Child
12.23.16    Suede by NxWorries (Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge)
12.22.16    Hey Ya by Sweater Beats
12.21.16    Daisy Chains by Will Joseph Cook
12.20.16    Lullaby by Chargaux
12.19.16    I miss you by Mt Marcy
12.18.16    Fate by Pines
12.17.16    LDR by Goldwash
12.16.16    Livewire by Oh Wonder
12.15.16    rEaR vIeW by ZAYN
12.14.16    Junior June by Redline Graffiti
12.13.16    Swim High by Rivka
12.12.16    Tourist by Jon Cozart
12.11.16    I Insist by Von Sell
12.10.16    Limelight by Just A Gent (Louis Futon Remix)
12.9.16    Anna by Jon Waltz
12.8.16    Naive Unprepared Child by Zach Farache
12.7.16    Villuminati by J. Cole
12.6.16    EASE by Troye Sivan (Vallis Alps Remix)
12.5.16    Sweaterman by Zach Farache
12.4.16    The Loser by Zach Farache
12.3.16    Understand Me by Glibs (Prod. Zach Farache)
12.2.16    2faded by RVRB
12.1.16    I Know Places by Lykke Li
11.30.16    Closer by Slow Magic
11.29.16    Tired by Zach Farache
11.28.16    Living Breathing by Mesita
11.27.16    About You by San Cisco
11.26.16    Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus
11.25.16    Problems by Chance the Rapper
11.24.16    Fake Love by Drake
11.23.16    Yiken by Priceless Da Roc
11.22.16    Never Forget You by Zara Larson (Prince & Takis Remix)
11.21.16    Warm Thoughts by Flume
11.20.16    These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere by dné
11.19.16    Asos Model Crush by dné
11.18.16    Same Ol’ Mistakes by Rihanna
11.17.16    Answer by Tyler, The Creator
11.16.16    Finesse by SwuM
11.15.16    Caroline by Aminé
11.14.16    Vicious by Keith Stanfield + Keith Milgaten
11.13.16    Ghostown by Basecamp
11.12.16    New Year’s Eve by MØ (Vera Loves Vasco Remix)
11.11.16    Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino
11.10.16    On Hold by The XX   
11.9.16        Girls That Dance by Masego
11.8.16        U and I by Diamond Eyes (Froogle Remix)
11.7.16        Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd
11.6.16        Drowning by BANKS (Lido Remix)
11.5.16        Forget Her by Verhoog
11.4.16        Lovesick ft. ASAP Rocky by Mura Masa
11.3.16        Run the World by Beyoncé
11.2.16        SuperLove by Tinashe
11.1.16        Fire May Save You by Frances (Dillistone Remix)
10.31.16    Pretty Girls Put Boys in Cemeteries by Sean Leon
10.30.16    I Miss You by Beyoncé
10.29.16    Adventure Time- Bacon and Pancakes New York Mix
10.28.16    I’m So Sorry by Joey Pecoraro
10.27.16    Panda by Desiigner
10.26.16    Needed Me by Rihanna
10.25.16    Sex With Me by Rihanna
10.24.16    Formation by Beyoncé
10.23.16    Sorry by Beyoncé
10.22.16    OffOffOff by autolaser
10.21.16    Bath is Black by Marika Hackman
10.20.16    For You- Acoustic by Fyfe
10.19.16    Self Control by Frank Ocean
10.18.16    BBBLue by Olivver the Kid
10.17.16    Innocence by SVDKO
10.16.16    Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club (RAC Remix)
10.15.16    Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem) by Zay Hilfigerrr
10.14.16    Wavelength by Lastlings
10.13.16    No Mind, Never Matter by ANIMA!
10.12.16    Riches by Jamyang
10.11.16    When You’re Alone by WOLF
10.10.16    Still by Lannds
10.9.16    Uber Everywhere by Madeintyo
10.8.16    Cowards by Raleigh Ritchie
10.7.16    You’re A Man Now, Boy by Raleigh Ritchie (Album)
10.6.16    driveway by stefan
10.5.16    Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko
10.4.16    Make You Feel by Alina Baraz (Vestige Remix)
10.3.16    Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey by Mio
10.2.16    Everything All At Once by Local Natives
10.1.16    Nights by Frank Ocean
9.30.16    Trust Nobody by Cashmere Cat
9.29.16    Colours by Anatole
9.28.16    Brush by Oscar Key Sung
9.27.16    Fais rien (Petit Biscuit Remix) by Moi Je
9.26.16    Lovesick by Caroline Pennell
9.25.16    Not Much by Mio
9.24.16    Violet by Daniel Caesar
9.23.16    Ivy by Frank Ocean
9.22.16    Killing Me to Love You by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
9.21.16    About Her by Phazzz
9.20.16    Baby by monte Booker
9.19.16    The Spring by Sleeping At Last
9.18.16    Altruism by Oscar Key Sung
9.17.16    Broccoli by D.R.A.M.
9.16.16    All or Nothing by Chrome Sparks
9.15.16    Bubblebum by TOTEM
9.14.16    Heaven Sent by Zacari
9.13.16    Send It On by Friends for Change
9.12.16    Feel Real by Deptford Goth
9.11.16        Vibration by Sophia Black
9.10.16    Capsize by FRENSHIP
9.9.16        Angels by Chance the Rapper
9.8.16        The Greatest by Sia
9.7.16        The Great Impression by Sparkadia
9.6.16        Art Exhibit by Young the Giant
9.5.16        Beach Bummer by No Vacation
9.4.16        Taste (Instrumental) by Sleeping At Last
9.3.16        Painting (Masterpiece) by Lewis Del Mar
9.2.16        I Know by Private Island
9.1.16        Angels by The XX
8.31.16    Stockholm Syndrome by 30s
8.30.16    DJ Khaled Is My Father by Spooky Black
8.29.16    No Time to Speak by Bear Driver
8.28.16    Monster Lead Me Home by Sara Hartman
8.27.16    Between the Bars by Elliot Smith
8.26.16    Thinking by Submotion Orchestra
8.25.16    Greatest by Raleigh Ritchie
8.24.16    Far Away by William Bolton
8.23.16    Hymnals by Grizfolk (RAC Remix)
8.22.16    Tower // W.O.H.L. by Wildcat! Wildcat!
8.21.16    Sierra Leone by Frank Ocean
8.20.16    Lord Canti by Indie.Sav
8.19.16    This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris
8.18.16    Strings by Young the Giant
8.17.16    Eros (In the Open) by Young the Giant
8.16.16    Too Much To Lose by Sun Glitters (Slow Magic Remix)
8.15.16    Let Me Love You by Justin Bieber OR Maia Mitchell
8.14.16    Gangsta by Kehlani
8.13.16    Beauty by araabMUZIK
8.12.16    Strings (In the Open) by Young the Giant
8.11.16        Apartment (In the Open) by Young the Giant
8.10.16    One More by Elliphant (Shy Girls Remix)
8.9.16        U by Mikky Ekko
8.8.16        So Cruel by Young Empires
8.7.16        Our Song by The XX
8.6.16        All We Need by ODESZA
8.5.16        Romeo by Until the Ribbon Breaks
8.4.16        Something by Cyn
8.3.16        Meet In The Middle by Ta-ku
8.2.16        Show Me What I’m Looking For by Carolina Liar
8.1.16        This Is the Hunt by Ruelle
7.31.16        Daydream by Medasin
7.30.16        Dusk by Ursa Major
7.29.16        Sun by Sleeping At Last
7.28.16        Parallels by Sleeping At Last
7.27.16        Hesitation by Beat Connection
7.26.16        Burnin Up by Jonas Brothers
7.25.16        Company by Justin Bieber
7.24.16        Back 2 U (Remix) ft. Sisters by Sol
7.23.16        Letgo by Jarreau Vandal
7.22.16        Burning by Whitest Boy Alive
7.21.16        Red by Phoria
7.20.16        Unfaith by Ekali
7.19.16        Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson
7.18.16        Super Mario World by Logic
7.17.16        Untitled 02 | 06.23.2014. By Kendrick Lamar
7.16.16        Suburb Superhero by Jarreau Vandal
7.15.16        Go Go Chaos by Bonjah
7.14.16        New Love by Dua Lipa (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
7.13.16        So Cold by Tank
7.12.16        Goldmine by Kimbra
7.11.16        Manufactured Love by Michael Blume
7.10.16        Columbus by Snowmine
7.9.16        The Truth by Sweet Tempest
7.8.16        Wet Dreamz by J. Cole
7.7.16        Blind by Psymun
7.6.16        ILYSB- STRIPPED by LANY
7.5.16        Losin Control by Russ
7.4.16        Honeysuckle-Miwaukee by Canon Blue
7.3.16        Death of a Bachelor by Panic at the Disco
7.2.16        Seasons by BIYO
7.1.16        Weekend by Louis The Child
6.30.16        Some Assembly Required by Abhi The Nomad
June 2016    Child’s Play by Drake