Over One Hundred Twenty Solutions

Lorenzo Mason Studio, Venice, Italy
Book design, Performance art

Over One Hundred Twenty Solutions or A Tool For Transcending Ideas or Open-Ended Notions On Change or Thoughtful Fortunes For Future Instances or In Conversation With Creative Dilemmas...is a 256-page book that collects ideas and releases the traditional notions of a book.

This is a book that talks to you by provoking the human condition; stimulating performative thought; activating contemplation using future-oriented forces. It is an interface with spaces for happenings, a magic 8-ball in the form of a book.

What is a book? Both boring and interesting; a keeper of time and space; communication as tangible language and movement. A book withstands many acts of movement: open, flip, throw, touch, read, place, fold, share. How do you subvert the idea of a book? If a book is a tool, in what ways is a tool a book? What does it mean to shuffle the pages of a book? How can you have a conversation with a book?

This book challenges the traditional notions of a book by possessing five titles and creating space both within the pages and within the mind. It is an exercise of chance and interpretation to soothe the creative dilemma.

Over One Hundred Twenty Solutions is an open-ended research project developed by Lorenzo Mason Studio and Angela Lian, and printed by Grafiche Veneziane.

The performance shows how I use the tool through improvised dance and drawing.